each new brain

Is nothing as wonderful as something able to assist our ability to adapt and to understand?

As each new brain adopts the name it’s given and learns to deal with society, the brain adapts well or not too well using experience and understanding.

What are the best assists for successfully dealing with society? The best of parental attention combined with a child with a curious mind?

If so, what are the best types of parental attention? What about unconditional love with the proper amounts of salt and pepper (guidance and discipline)? Ho-Hum?

When we take away all of what doesn’t work, what’s left? Sure, but isn’t there a way that’s quicker? Does it depend on what we have to give up? Like what?

The sureness of getting what we want or the sureness of getting what we have. Why do we seek entertainment? Is one reason because we haven’t throughly investigated ourselves?



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