a nook

Do we have what might be called a nook here in our universe? And is our nook’s best feature its isolation?

Is the universe unbelievably vast and cold with hot spots and we are one of the many side shows having bloomed? Is it that the universe doesn’t care about us or any of the other possible sideshows? Why should it?

Isn’t caring the sideshow’s job?

Is it that the universe doesn’t care but supplies what is necessary for adventures to happen?

Is it have, do, be or be, do, have or etc.? Whatever the case, activity happens. Do. Doing. Done. Even when we do nothing, aren’t there billions of chemical and electrical processes going on in our bodies each second we live?

Their purpose is to keep us alive and healthy.

And to pay nature back for life and everything else, we’re the busy little bees knowingly defiling its nook.

Why? The Big Three. A lust for money (used for control), a lust for belief control, and a lust for selling the power to control. Generally speaking, you can reduce them to Money Religion and Politics.

All necessary things but being abused. The three things we’re “not supposed to talk about in polite conversation.” Why is this? Are there better examples out there most of us don’t know about?



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