meaning and purpose

Why do we exist?
Are we here for a special reason?

These two questions are answered by these simple statements: We are here for no particular reason. Nature designed us as it has everything else. And then pushed us out of the nest, and then we were still supported by nature (parents, relatives, jobs, careers, oxygen, etc.)

Are we here only because we were born? Our parents had sex. Their four parents had sex, their eight parents had sex, and so forth.

So, if this is the case, we know we exist and we know it was not our fault. So, we can blame the universe if we want to, but what difference will it make? Will it change a thing? Our birth was a natural happening whether driven by life or reason.

Can having a special interest give direction, and if acted upon, add meaning and purpose to a life? Is the individual the only one who can produce meaning and purpose in his or her life?

Are our actions the only way to produce meaning and purpose in our lives? Are meaning and purpose created by us and not things existing somewhere outside of us? Is it magical thinking to think otherwise?

Is it that we have suggestions and ideas but nothing meaningful will happen until we act? Is intent good but action fills the void?



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