the secret sauce

What is the secret of success? Observation, forethought, preparation? If so, then being able to push the button is the final step. Lights, camera, action! And then more observation, forethought, and preparation to perfect the job or product.

In other words, work-work-work while paying attention.

It is said the real reason for success is that successful folks get in their own way less than others do. Are they paying better attention? This would obviously include getting out of the way of one’s natural talents. Plus, in critical situations, the successful are better than most at keeping their feet out of their mouths and are better at not getting caught if need be and are better at avoiding trouble by using OFP (Observation, Forethought, Preparation).

How does one become better at these successful strategies? By pushing the “action” button more when there has been observation, forethought, preparation?

Is it that most of us know what we should do but we don’t push the button as often as we should. And when we do, many times we push it at the wrong time.

So is the secret sauce timing? And is it that the sauce (knowing when to push the button) is expensive?

4 thoughts on “the secret sauce

  1. I think a two key ingredients to success is luck and conscience. A poor child growing up in the Sudan will likely have a harder time being a success, at least on the world stage. The combination of luck and lack of conscience could make a person very successful (at least materially).

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