go poof

Is it rational to think I have a soul inside of me that existed before I was born, and when I die, it will exist on forever?

Are our souls the souls of angles who were sent to get some R&R and we don’t know it but god doesn’t know everything and this is god’s way of sorting out the good and faithful apples and banishing the rest?

How likely is it each of us has an eternal soul? If so, how did it get inside of us? Would believing in eternal souls be like believing elves actually live in the deep woods? Are eternal souls and elves the same type of magical thinking?

And no one can prove eternal souls and elves are not true. However logic can show it’s very unlikely and a very long shot simply by pointing out religious versions of the truth are in the thousands, all claiming their version is the real and only truth.

There’s only one kind of scientific version, the one that explains and works.

It’s rational to think my brain is the only thing around that has the power to create such a thing as me and did so, so I could fit in with with my fellow humans. My identity or ego makes it easier for me to fit in, I was given a name for my powerful brain to latch on to and identify with.

So, at the end my life when my support system and creator (the human animal) dies, can I do nothing but go poof? Why? The circuits in my brain which supported me no longer can send messages.

Wouldn’t any other reality be a magical one, like believing Santa is really real? Until one day one thinks “How does Santa get those presents down through the chimney without getting them dirty? Well, no matter because I love those presents!”

Believing doesn’t make something so, but why gamble? the religious folks ask and are answered back The odds of your being right are not 100% or even 50/50 as you may think. The odds are so long, knowing them might make you dizzy. Plus, there’s a rational explanation for the identity’s birth and death.

If one’s logic returns the idea there’s no afterlife, wouldn’t one be more liable to stop and smell the roses? Is the human animal every identity’s soul?

by the hundreds

If it’s true to have even a very small amount of black parentage or DNA makes one black, then all of the shades of humanity are black.

Thinking about it, if it weren’t for black people there would be no white people. All humans are the progeny of black people. So, a type of twisted logic could blame pollution and climate disruption on black folks.

The above logic is stupid, but it makes me wonder what the world would be like today if our early human ancestors had not survived after they split from our common ancestor with the chimps.

The odds are very high the earth would be a natural garden full of healthy living creatures and have pristine waters and air. But…

Would there be a total absence of gods? Or would they by the hundreds be hovering around the earth waiting for a sentient species developed enough to reveal themselves to?

zero inches tall

Is the universe random and ordered at the same time?

Does the universe appear random to us because we can’t know everything about the past? Can what we don’t know hurt, help, and/or surprise us?

Is the universe the way it is because everything is in relation to each other according to gravity and other universal forces? If so…

Things are as they are because of everything that has gone before yields the present moment, and because of this, the present cannot be any other way. Is not this reasonable when we think about it?

Does the obvious tend to be zero inches tall and so we look past it? Are things are as they are because of a zillion zillion reasons with no end in sight to their automatic profusion?

the afterlife 2

Do animals think about an afterlife?
But we as human animals can do it
some invented the afterlife
using stories of what might
will happen to us after we’re dead.
To control us?

And so the atheist and agnostic
not to worry because there is no afterlife
the odds are almost
there’s nothing left but a dead body.
does thinking this way diminish my desire or ability
help those in need?
anything it increases
time for us and them is running out!