Since our universe exists and is so large and so complicated, why would anyone claim, “There is no God”?

Could the reason be because there’s an explanation and evidence for the history of the universe, but we don’t know what happened before the Big Bang and probably will never know. So is God hiding behind the BB?

Could there could be thousands of gods looking on and betting against each other as to who will get the most adherents? Yet…

There are a lot of things we can be very confident about, but not be 100% sure of…like There’s no such thing as real magic or fairies in the forrest, and the odds of such statements being true are a very long way from 50/50.

The odds for the statement “real magic does not exist” being true over the statement “real magic does exist” would in my estimation be close to infinite.

And so would it also be close to infinite for the existence of an entity with a human personality who’s keeping detailed records and is all-powerful and all-knowing. What are the chances that the God of all of the stars and galaxies would reveal itself to a wandering tribe in the desert in need of help? It doesn’t sound natural to have your son die eight billion times on the cross to offer salvation to all of the worlds where civilizations have arisen.

Are folks buying insurance they don’t need with their money, time, and obedience by betting they will not really wink out of existence when they finally stop breathing and will be rewarded for their faith by getting to live forever while being loved and giving love in grandeur and glory?

What do these folks have? A traditional lifestyle that can be very satisfying which can come with a smugness and/or thanksgiving for thinking they are a special group of humans chosen by the only true god, before time existed and will exist forever with this god in heaven. For them, their eternal life as already begun.

Are minds kept corralled by a desire to live forever, happily believing magical ideas are real? It has worked for many many generations. Is this the norm for religious promises?

Why is faith so important? Is it because what they are wanting and believing is magical because there is no proof for their supreme being’s existence, and a strong faith helps to keep doubt from constantly barking, and if they don’t keep the faith, they with all other non-believers will be tortured forever.

The basic question religious folks face is…Is there such a thing as real magic? Was there a real burning bush? If so, did lightening strike it or did a god magically make the bush burn and cause Moses to hear actual words which could be heard by another person if they had been present?

Is the desire to be safe the reason we’re so gullible? Is organized religion just one of the big rackets trying to do good, unlike dictatorships, organized crime, etc? Betting wise, is it better to bet with reason rather than promise?


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