An open letter to the US Congress


Dear folks in Congress,

Families are having to move to Colorado to get their children cured of pediatric epilepsy.

Your help is desperately needed. This is a humanitarian issue: helping desperate parents and their desperate children throughout our country.

“Think Marijuana Is For Stoners? Meet A 6-Year-Old GirlWho Might Just Disagree With You On That.” (A link to the video is below) “Marijuana is a big deal in Colorado, and one little girl, named Charlotte, considers it a lifesaver.”

Pediatric epilepsy was causing her to have 400 seizures A WEEK.

“Her cure was a special hybrid plant without the stoner properties.”

“Listen to Josh Stanley explain the amazing science that has essentially cured her.”

Your assistance is crucial. Please help to legalize this special type of marijuana nation wide.

Somehow you are reading this letter. You must have a great staff. I know you are busy. Thank you for your time.


Marvin L Morrison

(Quotes are from the video.)

If you are concerned, please feel free to copy this letter and send it to your congress person and friends where ever they may be.



Is change relaxed? Do evolutionary things just happen and the changes which occur have no purpose? Some changes are good for survival and other changes are bad for survival, and there are some changes making no difference in survival. So there’s no trying in evolution except for the desire of individual creatures. So the mechanism seems to be natural and neutral.

And many of the creatures receiving random changes which aid survival will survive to pass on their changed DNA, and so their progeny continue on, and some of the creatures, after eons of time, come to wonder how did we come about and why? The how has been solved.

Charles Darwin’s evolution started the revolution and his followers have perfected his conclusions over the years using discovery after discovery to prove and improve  Darwin’s ideas. Ideas beyond doubt to open minds.

And could the best answer to the why question be random DNA mistakes or changes just keep on happening without a purpose while creating millions of species along the way? Could How? and Why? be the same thing?

Evolution is an explanation for change without purpose and a term for the body of scientific proof of what has happened to life on earth during the past three and a half billion years. 

How can we explain what has happened to life here on earth?

Change is bound to happen in a universe like ours when there’s plenty of time and lots of opportunity. There’s evidence which supports the current explanation of evolution which cannot be explained away. Evolution happens is a fact but it’s so slow it’s hard to see.

These days, the DNA record is the clearest evidence for evolution, and when this evidence is laid out clearly as in Richard Dawkins’ book River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life, one may swoon over over the beauty of the purposelessness of change. Also Dawkins’ book The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution is a tour de force where he takes the DNA evidence and lights the path back to the earliest bacteria.

Do we think about what might be going on in the sweet spots of the billions of suns like ours, just in our own galaxy?

If you like the above question, here’s an interesting site:

the moment

Is life universal and the
moment always

does soil exist?
To leave tracks in?

Why does water exist?
To sail

And do whatever with,
in or on? What if there’s no
official purpose for water or soil?

Does that go for the whole universe
too? Yes, because everything
is nothing but

we ride
the isness
and make purpose our own?

for being?
Even language
came out of nothing.
Is everything a creation?

Is it that even gravity pulls and
pushes only in the

The past and
the future are locked
away and shouldn’t we be glad?

“Love the one you’re with”
as the tune advises
so, take care of
your body?

Find if you can
the moment and exist
there and experience your being.

Is this the ultimate game
and so became part
of religion.

the game
can be played
by a single player.

And a person never has
to join anything
to play.

If you want to play, I can recommend the book  Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki. He encourages one to advance to the traditional sitting posture with crossed legs as soon as one can. I found (out of necessity) a straight-backed chair or even a car seat can be used to advance in my practice. Advance to the traditional posture when desired.

The important thing is meditation.

Also, excellent meditation instruction can be found in Dr. Herbert Benson’s 1970‘s book The Relaxation Response. (A scientist checks out the claims of Transcendental Meditation.) Used copies of both books can be purchased on

the really big clue

As a humanist, it’s normal for me to think everything happening in our universe is occurring naturally, even if it looks or seems like a miracle, and it’s normal for me to think there’s no such thing as an all-powerful overseer in charge with a plan for part of humanity to live in bliss forever with the overseer while the rest of humanity is tortured forever along with all other enemies of the overseer.

It seems the major vulnerability of humanity is it’s so easy for folks to believe in forms of supernaturalism: fairies, gods, spirits, etc. (We all want to be safe, and if possible, to exist and be safe forever. As kids, it’s easy to think “All these grownups believe in miracles, so miracles must be real.” etc.)

Almost all religions are saying their truth is the only truth and promise the rewards to the faithful will fulfill all of the heart’s desires. The catch to this apparently ideal situation is a follower usually has to die. So, the reason for the word FAITH, the workhorse of religion.

This is the really big clue. Ask, what are the odds? Are normal religions like lottery tickets and serve well as social clubs?

It’s reasonable to think the believers who die will never wake to see if their truth is the real truth or not among the thousands of others all claiming to have the only truth.

What are the odds of real magic existing?

And what are the odds of a person being brought up in a home in possession of the real spiritual truth? 

If I had been born in India by Indian parents, I might today be a Hindu or Sikh and believe just a sincerely in Hinduism or Sikhism as a follower of Christianity or a follower of Islam believes he or she is following the true path leading to eternal satisfaction and salvation. A Sikh might pity them both.

For me it’s reasonable to think all religions and their belief systems came from human minds. So, could there really exist an all-powerful overseer who has sicked a strict and harsh religion first on its own women and then on the rest of the world?

God’s will

Do religions hang on to their magical traditions because for the members the magic is truth to its deepest level, even in the remotest of possibilities? How? Everything that happens can be explained as God’s will.

And do magical ideas like this also serve as a way to avoid the actual truth by rarely thinking of the billions of others in the world believing sincerely many very different versions of religious truth? Most folks sincerely believe in the realness and trueness of their own beliefs and are just as sincere as others who worship a different god and have different beliefs. Can they all be right? Hardly, and no one can win the sincereness competition because sincereness is total or it totally disappears. Is it you’re sincere or you’re not?

Our history shows us as curious creatures and easily controlled by magical spells, and we are still susceptible to magic’s ancient pull. Are we born believers? Is it that we had to be believers to survive? 

So how can one survive death? Religion? It’s one of the best rackets. First, invent the human soul which will have the characteristic of existing forever. Now it’s open season on humans everyday of the year because you don’t have to be in a king’s family to have power. All you need is a good story with a place where the soul can live on after death. And if your story isn’t all that good, you can swallow the best religious stories around and make them part of yours.

Believing we have an eternal soul and the existence of an afterlife, we would strain to hitch our imaginary soul to some type of heavenly place and live happily ever after. This would involve magical thinking. Does real magic exist or is there a real explanation (known or unknown) that is not magical. An example: We normally think it’s impossible for a single object to be in two separate places at the same time, but this happens as a normal occurrence in the quantum expression of the universe.

A promised happy afterlife for the soul is the big draw and the biggest muscle of the classical religions (except Buddhism).

If a person believes there’s no afterlife, would he or she be more likely to stop and smell the roses? It’s true, atheism is a belief criminals and good folks both share.

And traditional religious folks don’t like atheistic or agnostic ideas because these two bring attention to the magical nature of religious beliefs and can and do cause doubting which is part of waking up.

Is it that we all snore and that snoring is our wonderful language. Is it that it’s not religion but the habit of language which keeps us in the corral, unable to merge with the all.

waiting without a care

Would there be no light
if there were no darkness?
Can either stand alone?

Darkness ever waiting without a care not needing energy only space. And found in galaxies almost always in shadows. And even then a little shine gets to dark surfaces. So, where is true darkness?

Maybe, inside of a bank vault with the lights turned out and one could determine which direction the universe is expanding and then turn the Hubble Telescope to the same direction and each time an image comes up move, the telescope just enough to keep images from coming up and after a month to a year without a distant galaxy coming into view one could argue that we are looking at the darkest of the darkest black. Here, take a look…with your imagination, but…

What about the light from our universe streaming from behind and pasting this image on out into the nothingness? Does this mean light isn’t light as we know it until it hits something like a retina?

Did our ancestors hunt regularly in star light?