waiting without a care

Would there be no light
if there were no darkness?
Can either stand alone?

Darkness ever waiting without a care not needing energy only space. And found in galaxies almost always in shadows. And even then a little shine gets to dark surfaces. So, where is true darkness?

Maybe, inside of a bank vault with the lights turned out and one could determine which direction the universe is expanding and then turn the Hubble Telescope to the same direction and each time an image comes up move, the telescope just enough to keep images from coming up and after a month to a year without a distant galaxy coming into view one could argue that we are looking at the darkest of the darkest black. Here, take a look…with your imagination, but…

What about the light from our universe streaming from behind and pasting this image on out into the nothingness? Does this mean light isn’t light as we know it until it hits something like a retina?

Did our ancestors hunt regularly in star light?


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