the really big clue

As a humanist, it’s normal for me to think everything happening in our universe is occurring naturally, even if it looks or seems like a miracle, and it’s normal for me to think there’s no such thing as an all-powerful overseer in charge with a plan for part of humanity to live in bliss forever with the overseer while the rest of humanity is tortured forever along with all other enemies of the overseer.

It seems the major vulnerability of humanity is it’s so easy for folks to believe in forms of supernaturalism: fairies, gods, spirits, etc. (We all want to be safe, and if possible, to exist and be safe forever. As kids, it’s easy to think “All these grownups believe in miracles, so miracles must be real.” etc.)

Almost all religions are saying their truth is the only truth and promise the rewards to the faithful will fulfill all of the heart’s desires. The catch to this apparently ideal situation is a follower usually has to die. So, the reason for the word FAITH, the workhorse of religion.

This is the really big clue. Ask, what are the odds? Are normal religions like lottery tickets and serve well as social clubs?

It’s reasonable to think the believers who die will never wake to see if their truth is the real truth or not among the thousands of others all claiming to have the only truth.

What are the odds of real magic existing?

And what are the odds of a person being brought up in a home in possession of the real spiritual truth? 

If I had been born in India by Indian parents, I might today be a Hindu or Sikh and believe just a sincerely in Hinduism or Sikhism as a follower of Christianity or a follower of Islam believes he or she is following the true path leading to eternal satisfaction and salvation. A Sikh might pity them both.

For me it’s reasonable to think all religions and their belief systems came from human minds. So, could there really exist an all-powerful overseer who has sicked a strict and harsh religion first on its own women and then on the rest of the world?


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