Is change relaxed? Do evolutionary things just happen and the changes which occur have no purpose? Some changes are good for survival and other changes are bad for survival, and there are some changes making no difference in survival. So there’s no trying in evolution except for the desire of individual creatures. So the mechanism seems to be natural and neutral.

And many of the creatures receiving random changes which aid survival will survive to pass on their changed DNA, and so their progeny continue on, and some of the creatures, after eons of time, come to wonder how did we come about and why? The how has been solved.

Charles Darwin’s evolution started the revolution and his followers have perfected his conclusions over the years using discovery after discovery to prove and improve  Darwin’s ideas. Ideas beyond doubt to open minds.

And could the best answer to the why question be random DNA mistakes or changes just keep on happening without a purpose while creating millions of species along the way? Could How? and Why? be the same thing?

Evolution is an explanation for change without purpose and a term for the body of scientific proof of what has happened to life on earth during the past three and a half billion years. 

How can we explain what has happened to life here on earth?

Change is bound to happen in a universe like ours when there’s plenty of time and lots of opportunity. There’s evidence which supports the current explanation of evolution which cannot be explained away. Evolution happens is a fact but it’s so slow it’s hard to see.

These days, the DNA record is the clearest evidence for evolution, and when this evidence is laid out clearly as in Richard Dawkins’ book River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life, one may swoon over over the beauty of the purposelessness of change. Also Dawkins’ book The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution is a tour de force where he takes the DNA evidence and lights the path back to the earliest bacteria.

Do we think about what might be going on in the sweet spots of the billions of suns like ours, just in our own galaxy?

If you like the above question, here’s an interesting site:



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