An open letter to the US Congress


Dear folks in Congress,

Families are having to move to Colorado to get their children cured of pediatric epilepsy.

Your help is desperately needed. This is a humanitarian issue: helping desperate parents and their desperate children throughout our country.

“Think Marijuana Is For Stoners? Meet A 6-Year-Old GirlWho Might Just Disagree With You On That.” (A link to the video is below) “Marijuana is a big deal in Colorado, and one little girl, named Charlotte, considers it a lifesaver.”

Pediatric epilepsy was causing her to have 400 seizures A WEEK.

“Her cure was a special hybrid plant without the stoner properties.”

“Listen to Josh Stanley explain the amazing science that has essentially cured her.”

Your assistance is crucial. Please help to legalize this special type of marijuana nation wide.

Somehow you are reading this letter. You must have a great staff. I know you are busy. Thank you for your time.


Marvin L Morrison

(Quotes are from the video.)

If you are concerned, please feel free to copy this letter and send it to your congress person and friends where ever they may be.



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