religion and science

Magical thinking is a term best used to describe people who try and sometimes succeed in passing laws which make all non-magical thinkers live according the rules of their magical beliefs or become lawbreakers.

Laws were made in the past when the magical thinkers had the power to do so and would put a person in the stocks (“an historical instrument of punishment consisting of an adjustable wooden structure with holes for securing a person’s feet and hands, in which criminals were locked and exposed to public ridicule or assault”) for cussing or for working on a Sunday, etc. These laws have disappeared over time or are not being enforced.

But this failure in the past doesn’t deter them from trying to pass laws today based on magical thinking. A big attempt was working for years in an attempt to legally force teachers to teach “evolution is not a fact”. The attempt did not succeed because evolution was and is the only factual and rational explanation for the development of life on our earth.

Magical thinking is a sharp-but-fair term to use when it comes to describing the religion of those who threaten others with eternal punishment in hell (a magical place) which is a much sharper claim than the term magical thinking suggests. 

Agnostics and atheists generally prefer to leave others alone about their religious leanings or doctrines. This is why these thoughts are expressed in a blog and are not sent out as an email.

When a person’s ideas about religion and science are considered as art, it turns out one is composed of thousands of forms frozen in place and cannot be changed in any way. The other has one form and is constantly changing and the form includes everything, and it’s interesting because its history and future are full of actual discoveries.

The religious forms are single pictures; science is a movie.


4 thoughts on “religion and science

  1. I know “Blue Laws” still drive me nuts. Some of them are absolutely ridiculous, Working in Wisconsin this week, and the only Blue Law left up here is “Car Dealerships are not allowed to open on Sunday” which caused some issues with my Dad’s schedule.

    If we are going to retain these laws we should encompass the days of all these other Magical fantasies.

  2. Thank you Hugh for your response. Xmas and Easter are already cultural memes, so it would be called un-American to try to bury them. If we are patient, like the folks in Europe, these magical memes may past away naturally without a fight, but it will be well after my and your times.

    Instead, of “magical thinkers” one might call those folks who threaten others with eternal punishment in hell, “threateners” sort of like the Islamic folks who say “convert or die” but this threat will happen to you only after you die in the normal course of things. So it’s a very mild threat if you are educated but terrifying if you are gullible.

      • Telling them to “wake up” will only cause big rocks in the road of communication. We are best at gathering info that supports what we already believe and so repel everything which doesn’t support it. Thank you Hugh for your comments.

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