do battle

When the obstacles to adventure are removed or dealt with, do I still have to face and do battle with myself: the me, the one riding inside the animal?

I’m probably a network of connections in the brain which is in charge of keeping language flowing, perhaps in the form of a sophisticated dream in charge of dealing with society.

A history: an identity an animal created naturally became a chooser and has come to suspect there’s probably more to life it cannot perceive and perhaps it’s the one blocking the view.

To travel on to self discovery, do I have to find a way to overcome my personal preference which is my understandable desire to remain the captain of my ship and to understand what it would be like to relax every day and judge my thinking and learn from choices?

Is the hinge being able to think about one’s thinking?

When it boils down to my adventuring, outside opposition can be dealt with, but the real barrier is inside my body. The sages tell us over and over down through the ages that

we are in a dream state of constant occupation and our addiction to language allows it happen.

Do I not know how to deal with myself, the chooser? Do I finally have to voluntarily give up language to feel my oneness with the universe? Must I first give up the fear of loosing my captainship? Can such a useful thing be laid down and be picked up again?

And the battle goes on.


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