I just read an astounding thing. In Russia some of the highways and avenues have a single center lane which goes both ways! I laughed and thought it a joke, but it was in The National Geographic magazine. The writer calls this single center lane a “suicide feature” which is a good joke.

What will they think of next? In Moscow they are starting to build buildings above buildings already existing on the ground. They are doing this where space is desperately wanted: the rental and lease profits will be high. A hotel room with a spectacular view of the Kremlin’s wonderful towers costs $5,000 and up per day.



If we are responsible we
educate ourselves
earn money and manage it.

We use it to make the critical changes
which allow sustained growth
in many areas.

means we are
looking after our health.

Plenty of activity combined with a paleo diet
is hard to beat when it comes to
preserving health and
producing energy.

We keep
down different paths

until coming
across something
interesting which has possibilities.

Seeing the practicality in positive thinking
and using it to everyone’s
advantage = an A+

Feeling deeply
and picturing vividly
what is best prompts the mind
to work in the background and this work

helps to show us a way
which will
the vivid ideas
bloom into existence

bringing action to
make them