Is it that having a good amount of physical activity very day and having a strong desire or enthusiasm for some interest greater than one’s self give a person a longer life with more meaning?

Can assisting others to clean up our mother earth add to our sense of meaning? Should we codgers love the earth more to make up for the lost opportunities to express love to our actual mothers?

the body

The human body may be and probably is the most capable thing in our Milky-Way neighborhood.

And, as we know, the body does almost everything except formal choices and figuring. Our bodies perform vast amounts of chemical operations every second and also sends whatever is needed to the areas in need in order to maintain a balanced system: not too much or too little of necessary things.

We claim the talent but the body has all the talents, all of the senses and the ability to learn and store information and recall it. We identities are the names, the formal choosers, the users of the body’s talents for transportation, experimenting, inventing, cooking, driving, etc. and, for the holding of beliefs. For some folks, beliefs can change, but for others, not so much.

Our job as our body’s representative is to get better and better at dealing with society and ourselves.

the two-sided spectrum

Is there one thing

incorporating the two?

Allowing the use of the whole

spectrum to make decisions,

with this guiding principle,

if something’s not hot, it’s cold,

it’s the two-sided spectrum

of black and white thinking.

It’s also the world of

the sketch artist and early TV and

Brando and foreign movies which is fine,

but what’s the matter

with some


Is it that color should be highfalutin

and not black and


Is what highfalutin 

does, what highfalutin is?

What has only one side?

An answer is below…

A mobius strip which is slightly rounded from side to side so each side blends with the other, giving no measurable width to the ultra sharp edges.

Here’s some questions I’ve asked myself, but I don’t have the math ability to find the answers:

What would π (3.14159) be in a 6-digit (0-5) numbering system?

Could there be a numbering system where π would be a whole number? If so, how many digits would it take? Two or a zillion?

my way & your way

In & out, then came

This way & that way, then

My way & your way

Did my way & your way usher in a new beginning? Was that where and when argument began?

Did consciousness begin on earth when something was able to respond to its environment? Doesn’t one have to be conscious to know one has been touched? And much later self consciousness arises. Is it here where human argument came in and later made civilizations possible?

This way & that way (repeated again and again) is our breath “the swinging door” sucking in & pushing out. Sucking air energy in & and pushing waste out. Putting food energy in & pushing fertilizer out.

My way & your way is also taking & giving, it’s acting & getting a response, etc. Is this two-way combination the ultimate product? Is the product (the exchanges) what makes living self-consciously the fun and sadness it is?

Every suction & push makes someone happy as they say in sports.

sweet spots

Is it more than likely great numbers
of stars have planets orbiting
in their sweet

than likely
as many have said

“The universe must be teeming with life.”

Is there no such thing as our universe
having meaning because
it’s the case
pain and joy
have to erect our own.

the genius has appeared

In Alan Watts’ 1966 book The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are, he details the world-wide disruptive force of organized religions on humans and religion’s use of our fear of the unknown to trap gullible children and adults with with the promise of a joyous eternal life after death and by using the same beliefs be able to escape a life of eternal torture. And then almost all religions say, you must choose our beliefs to make it happen. In this way religion divides humanity.

After covering the above, he states:

“It might seem, then, that our need is for some genius to invent a new religion, a philosophy of life, and a view of the world that is plausible and generally acceptable for the late twentieth century, and through which every individual can feel that the world as a whole and his life in particular have meaning.”

“our need is for some genius” The genius has appeared!

His name is Sam Harris. He’s already known world-wide via his many books, essays and articles in which he uses reason to assist others and uses it too to work against folks who divide up humanity by spouting magical stories and promising “happiness ever after.”

Now comes his tour de force:

Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion

If interested, the above link will take you to the book on so you can get a taste for yourself.

In a century or two the book could have billions and billions sold and may have the title The Message because that’s what it is.

a healthier country

If we were a healthier country, would this give us the frame of mind to expend the energy it would take to find and elect and appoint a better class of representatives and officials?

These folks may be hard to find and hard to convince. They can come from rich and poor so long as they are not desperate for more money or have hidden agendas and have the character not to accept favors from anyone. Their mission will be to help the country and everyone in it and including the folks controlling a lot of assets.

Do we have the guts to take the money out of politics?

We have the votes but don’t have the guts to get out and vote.

If eating healthier helps us to restore our guts, (what a segue) here’s how we can restore our country and ourselves…

We still have the ability to see our way back to judge anew what is healthy and what is not? Will we do it?

To be healthy one needs good nutrition and a good level of daily activity. It’s been established that moving around doing everyday tasks is better for us than a strong workout and then sitting for most of the day. Doing both are good yet only one is key.

Is this why stone age tactics and foods are so effective for present day humans? Stone age humans had to forage and hunt for their food. They ate roots; nuts, seeds; soft stems and berries; herbs; fruits; eggs; honey; plants like seaweed and kale; and all types of meat and fats. Fat is not an enemy; it’s one of the things which has the goods.

We were told by nutritionists that eating grains was natural which meant all cereal and all bread and pasta products were supposed to be good for us.

Even our government suggested eating grain was good for us. Well, grains can keep us alive and that’s about it! How can this be? One theory is wheat flower is good for business and no one is twisting anyone’s arm.

It turns out almost all grain products, when eaten, turn quickly to sugar, even whole grains turn to sugar. And dealing with the huge amounts of sugar over extended periods of time makes a person sick.

The body’s never ending struggle to deal with the large, unnatural amounts of sugar day after day and year after year doesn’t give the immune system the nutrition it needs, so one may more easily be overcome with disease. If this doesn’t happen, then diabetes is one’s lot and one’s immune system will still be highly vulnerable.

Without healthy food and exercise we’re in a pickle, and we become a receptacles for the pharmaceutical industry. It gives me no pleasure to present the following quote.

The quote is from Dr. John Virapen, former general manager of Eli Lilly in Sweden, whistleblower, and author of Side-Effect: Death.

“Pharmaceutical companies want to keep people sick. They want to make others think that they are sick. And they do this for one reason: money.

Pharmaceutical companies invest more than 35,000 Euro per physician each year to get them to prescribe their products. More than 75 percent of leading scientists in the field of medicine are ‘paid for’ by the pharmaceutical industry.

Corruption prevailed in the approval and marketing of drugs in some cases…

Illnesses are made up by the pharmaceutical industry and specifically marketed to enhance sales and market shares for the companies in question. Pharmaceutical companies increasingly target children.”

Is the pharmaceutical business a legal racket and yet a life saver? It’s sort of a “can’t live with them and can’t live without them” situation. 

Yet more important is having a look at the way we supply energy to our selves. A diet composed mainly of wheat flower is very bad for us, and makes the body do back flips to keep us at a semblance of normality.

To change things for the better, eat a paleo diet. Then your body will not think it’s starving when it begins to digest what you’ve eaten.

Hunger rarely happens with a paleo diet. It’s the difference between a sugar high and a nutritious high. The sugar high needs more sugar to keep it going and the nutritious high is not anxious for more food.

The two books below tell us about the real world of health. This essay is based on the information in them and my personal experience after reading Dr. Sears’ book.

Dr. Al Sears’ book: P.A.C.E. The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution
The first half of Nora T. Gedgaudas’(CNS, CNT) book: Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and Longer Life