there is no one secret

Is there a secret to living a satisfying life? There is no one secret. There are a few simultaneous activities that can lead to having a satisfying life.

Almost all counselors are advising folks that meditation can take the edge off of things that keep us unsatisfied, and many of us continue to ignore this wise advice about this powerful one-of-a-kind tool.

Among us are folks who say “No thank you, I can make it in life without a crutch. Meditation is for wimps.” Are their minds closed or frozen? It’s their identities talking, not their beings.

The results of meditation (consciously relaxing and allowing language to peter out and then basking in the silence) are backed up by science.

Meditation is good for us. It’s high quality mental rest. And when we rest this way on a regular basis, the better this high-quality mental rest becomes and improves us as identities and relaxes us.

Why wouldn’t we take advantage of such a valuable tool that’s free? Well, there’s the time it takes, and it’s not easy to establish a daily practice. These are very good reasons but shut out the possibility of communing with your being.

why and what
happens with meditation:

A person’s ego is threatened by meditation because it feels it may loose its captain’s chair and no longer be in charge of its being, the human animal, and it also fears it might disappear completely, so it makes excuses and can give reasons why to not meditate today which is highly tempting because the ego is the one who put forth the reason and so agrees with itself. Understanding this is the way forward.

We tend to think meditation is a medicine for what ails us, which is true in a sense, when we can just as easily think of meditation as a better way to live: ignoring the medicine mindset and replacing it with a regular ingathering of healthy mental food in which silence is the main course.

Also (I’ve found out at least for myself) the older one gets (I’m 74), the healthier it is to eat paleo foods and to keep being active.

As I mentioned above, there are a few simultaneous activities that can lead to having a satisfying life. In my opinion they are: good food, good exercise, good relaxation, good fun, good work—daily or almost daily. Everyone on earth should have the freedom to earn and to choose and establish these activities…it’s an uphill road to get there but not impossible. Throughout history, time and time again, humans have accomplished what was thought to be impossible.

booby prize

Is learning how to accept what already is the case, the foundation of the house of happiness? Knowing what is so is constantly changing so it’s hard to keep up with.

Does love communicate naturally? Is health where you take part or loose it? Is knowledge a booby prize but too useful to suspend? Is the first and last truth an experience rather than an idea?

Is truth an idea as well as a physical thing?

What’s the greatest truth? The isness of existence? Or is it finding out what’s for supper? Is the greatest truth the current one?

common sense 2

Using common sense,
what’s the best
to deal
with problems?
When they are small?

That answer deserves a cigar.

It’s the philosophy of the old west:
The bank robbers’ dust
has settled and the
robbers are
out of
sight on
the horizon
and a cowboy yells
“Let’s head’m off at the pass!”

(Let’s not chase’m
all day;
get it
over with.)


This is a partial summary of The Tools: Transform Your Problems into Courage, Confidence, and Creativity by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels (2012-05-29). Random House, Inc.

Here’s a common objection to being grateful. Many of us are actually afraid to be happy. We are afraid we’ll stop bettering ourselves if we’re content or grateful. This is our culture moving us along naturally.

Some are willing to be called lazy in order to hang on to their worries rather than to show or feel gratefulness. (Grateful for what?!)

Yet, gratefulness brings with it positive changes.

Behind the objections to gratefulness lies a dark, pessimistic view of human beings: that we’re lazy and can only be roused to move forward by threats to our survival. In essence, this is teaching we’re motivated only by the adrenaline released when we’re scared.

a fair shake…cut from a different canvas

What about the way our country is maturing? Is there really no way to help the poor and the soon-to-be poor to move up into a better life? If there is, why not do it?

When receiving today’s minimum wage combined with a minimal education, there’s no money left over to save. Then it’s so much easier to get into debt, and then it’s much more easy to earn a bad credit rating. Why do so many of us start out with so much already against them?

The snowballing events above wouldn’t happen near as often when one is paid a decent minimum wage and given a decent education. A decent minimum wage and a good education opens the door for folks to have a real chance to enhance their lives.

Are we trending toward a medieval class system? Here are some suggestions to reverse our movement toward becoming a two-class society.

Shouldn’t our #1 priority be a high quality education for all of our children? Having a top notch educational system is our country’s best way to protect itself from enemies domestic and foreign.

We the people need to pay teachers more. We need the folks who have a special love for teaching and the ability to give students a craving for knowledge and the ability to impart a special curiosity for things which have no limits like art, language, science, and mathematics 

Let’s stop loosing these special teachers because we don’t set aside enough money to pay them what they are worth. Cut waste and loopholes to get the funds, and if that’s not enough, raise taxes to pay these gifted folks.

It’s not healthy for us to continually spend the largest portion of our money on military activities, and it’s very healthy for us to spend the largest portion of our money on our youth. What happens to folks who grow up being neglected?! We are becoming sick as a country and need to change our ways to become healthy. We are ignoring much of our potential.

Having a basic or core curriculum for all students will keep states from cheating their youngsters out of a good basic education. An education which will support them all of their lives. A firm educational foundation allows one to find and consume new or necessary information when needed while automatically strengthening our country at the same time.

Education is the critical fuel for our country’s successful future and influence in the world. Guns and bombs will take us only so far. Or too far…as the the rising cost guns and bombs and the structure to use them help to starve our children’s minds. We are only as strong as our weakest link: the care of our young.

The goal: to make every public school a place of high quality education and to match and then surpass the best educational systems in the world. Our universities are already there.

Today, (is it many of or most of?) our elected officials in washington legally accept money to consider voting a certain way which will help the contributor or accept money to consider adding an exemption in a law for a contributor (which will allow the continuous piling up of extra millions for the contributor) and if our representatives don’t do the favor, the flow of money is likely to stop from that particular spigot. For today’s politicians, money is like air.

How can we cure the swollen political influence of rich folks and rich companies? All that’s lacking is the will and determination to treat ourselves better by changing what’s going on in the District of Columbia.

The cure is to make it an issue that money be somehow taken out of politics. This isn’t rocket science. It’s doable and may take large amounts of creativity and overcoming massive objections from the rich. What? Why? They are already rich. What’s the problem?

What about a national competition paid for by interested folks or the government. Hammer out the final product. And call it Political Reform or another apt title. And call the movement The Political Reform Movement or something better.

The obvious key is to elect folks who will pass a Political Reform Law into law. If this were to happen, there’s a really good chance we will see politicians who are cut from a different canvas.

We should be watching out for the talking heads who tell us “We don’t have to fix anything because our great nation will endure and will rise again a better nation.” When we hear these words and believe them, it gives us a chance to sit down and say to ourselves, “Well, I and my family and friends will die before things get really bad.” Or, “I’m only one person, and if I don’t help out to change things, my small part won’t be missed by the total effort.”

As we breathe, right now, is the time to ramp up the things to help ourselves to have a new, vast, well educated middle class, and in doing so, it’s my thinking we will aid all other life on the planet.

We can actually begin today to help ourselves by not wasting our talent and by not allowing health care and incarceration to operate as for-profit businesses because this allows huge amounts of our money to be given away with no end in sight. The government is best suited to run these two important services because the government is not working for a profit and is looking to serve. The sooner we  restore our prison systems and get a healthcare system similar to Canada’s or France’s, the better we all will be.

What is the tipping point for things going in the direction of a two-class society? Is it when we finally realize we will never be able to take the money out of our politics? Will there ever be a better time to find out than now?

Can we really end the great majority of existing poverty by giving folks a decent minimum wage and by paying all teachers more to attract more of the gifted folks in tech and industry who would love to teach but can’t afford to?

Can one attend to the needs of one’s self without the help of others? Don’t we all need water and electricity and roads and jobs etc., etc.

Are many of those at the top getting so greedy that it’s almost impossible for them to share large portions of their wealth with those who need a period of proper assistance in order to prosper?

One way to actually get the money we need to properly educate and meet the needs of our citizens might be to have a single tax rate for everyone as some of the Scandinavian countries do. What’s wrong with everyone getting a fair shake?!

Aren’t many of the best solutions usually simple?

The Scandinavian countries use the power of capitalism to generate wealth and then use the wealth to make sure everyone in their country is taken care of. Making sure everyone is cared for is called socialism. So, it seems the remedy is not capitalism or socialism…but their combination is.

The solution yielding the quickest and the best changes for the betterment of everyone could turn out to be…taking the money out of politics.

Why not have a national competition to see who can bring forth the best ways to change things to insure the successful future of our country and its future citizens. Pay the winners: the teams, citizen groups, individuals, and runners-up substantial amounts of money and also give them honor and prestige. Make it reality TV?

Then, while we’re at it, why not promote a world-wide competition to create a plan for the successful future of our planet and all of its inhabitants. I’ve written a scenario of how the success of our planet comes about. It’s called “Message to the Cosmos” and is the first chapter in my book Discovering the Obvious.

In the short story, things had to get desperately bad for humanity to wake up. Unfortunately this is par for the course or it might be called the default mode or the standard operating procedure for humans.

There is an almost infinitely better way. Doesn’t reason tell us to follow the path of the successful models already in existence? Again, with successful examples staring us in the face and showing us how, why aren’t we giving everyone a fair shake?

Could it be we live lives where the thoughts about the possibility of giving everyone a fair shake never come about? Or, is it that we believe everyone is getting a fair shake already, and when the thoughts of changing things so that everyone gets a fair shake come up, we are against it for some reason. Or, we are for giving everyone a fair shake, but as one person, we don’t know what to do against a huge establishment that’s claiming all is OK.

What’s stopping us? Are we waiting to get permission? Do we have to wait for the conversion of folks who get off on having people to feel sorry for or the folks who have to have the feeling that others are coveting what they have?

Or will we begin to wake up and start voting to change things now instead of waiting for conversions which may never happen?

Is it that we’re not as helpless as we feel?


In the beginning there was just one thing we are told. Then an uncountable number of the tiniest of parts which naturally coalesced into pieces of matter, and then more coalescing made larger and larger pieces, and as the large pieces became larger, the stronger the coalescing became.

We humans are the sophisticated products of energy and awareness—thanks to gravity, the key ingredient. Could gravity be the most crucial of all things?

What should we be thankful for this Thanksgiving? Is there anything greater or more necessary than the nature of the attraction stuff has for other stuff? Are we more thankful for lesser things while the real deal is holding us and all else safely to the earth? 

The dictionary definition of consciousness is the ability to respond to one’s environment. Does this mean all life is conscious to a degree? Is our planet just one more showcase of what a sweet spot and randomness can become?

strike gold

You never know what the tide will bring in.” is the great line by – you guested it – the screen writer of the movie Cast Away who wrote it for Tom Hanks to deliver. Truth stands out and is recognized immediately. There’s comfort in truth and urgency too.

To be harassed every day by knowing what going to happen equals no surprises, boredom. So What? Is it that the tide starts coming in every morning we wake and stops when we sleep again?

If you never know what the tide will bring in, what’s the best course? Should my best talent get my best time? And during the other times, should I experiment some, and is it possible to strike gold? Yes, metaphorically.

Like hatching an interest in the stone setting skills of the Incas. But seeing their work first hand is expensive and so one’s talents and experience have to come to the rescue. 

Moral to the story?

Begin to think longterm. Prepare, then you’ll have a chance. Be serious about learning. Work harder now rather than later is exactly what our parents and friends want for us.

We all are aware of this sage advice, it’s in the doing that makes a difference. Find a motivation. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fly to South America to see and study firsthand the Inca’s talent displayed?

“Being able to act is real power.” Tony Robins

Here’s a couple of adaptations of the “tide” quote above I’ve heard somewhere:

Things have a strange way of occurring. (So pay attention with as few assumptions as one can.)
Sometimes luck appears in disguise.

a word of advice

a word
of advice,
there’s money and power in
shepherding the


Are we
brought up
to be gullible?

Elves in the deep forest and an all-powerful god
hovering above and all through the earth
seeing all and recording all of the
actions and thoughts of
every human

magical being

Can or should the term “magical being” be used instead of the word God? Of course this swap will not fit in every instance but will be expressive in the places where it fits.

One might reply, “Are you telling me, you believe in magical beings?”

But what’s the matter with a magical god? The matter is people are the promoters of magical happenings right out of thin air. Magical things are in story after story and used in the creation of religions. Think of the ten commandments with no burning and talking bush involved. Impossible, it sells the story.

The term magical thinking describes more graphically what folks are believing than their favored term the supernatural does. It’s favored because the term supernatural makes their magical beliefs seem as though they might have a scientific basis of being natural but something beyond science that science cannot understand or control.

Terms aside. Is belief only belief or is it real? A belief is called belief because you can’t always count on a belief matching what’s real. When new supported information comes forth, the what turned out to be beliefs have to be dropped and replaced with ideas (beliefs) fitting the new circumstance. It’s the way science works.

On the other hand, religion is fueled by faith in beliefs which not supposed to change.

Some of the faithful may say “We can’t know for sure, but we aren’t taking any chances. What about you?” Then agnostics and atheists might ask “What are the chances you are believing in the correct god out of the thousands which exist?” 

Yet believing in magic is a way of living a satisfying life for many. The term supernatural being in their minds describes their god best and separates it from the magical existence of creatures like elves and goblins. The faithful feel all of the other so-called gods were invented by humans, and say we are so fortunate to have the real God’s favor.

It’s impossible
for me to imagine an
actual being greater than nature.

Nature actually creates itself. I can imagine
all of the safe-for-life pockets
out there.

most stars
have a sweet spot?

Is having to put up with organized

most planets with
civilizations have to go through?