strike gold

You never know what the tide will bring in.” is the great line by – you guested it – the screen writer of the movie Cast Away who wrote it for Tom Hanks to deliver. Truth stands out and is recognized immediately. There’s comfort in truth and urgency too.

To be harassed every day by knowing what going to happen equals no surprises, boredom. So What? Is it that the tide starts coming in every morning we wake and stops when we sleep again?

If you never know what the tide will bring in, what’s the best course? Should my best talent get my best time? And during the other times, should I experiment some, and is it possible to strike gold? Yes, metaphorically.

Like hatching an interest in the stone setting skills of the Incas. But seeing their work first hand is expensive and so one’s talents and experience have to come to the rescue. 

Moral to the story?

Begin to think longterm. Prepare, then you’ll have a chance. Be serious about learning. Work harder now rather than later is exactly what our parents and friends want for us.

We all are aware of this sage advice, it’s in the doing that makes a difference. Find a motivation. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fly to South America to see and study firsthand the Inca’s talent displayed?

“Being able to act is real power.” Tony Robins

Here’s a couple of adaptations of the “tide” quote above I’ve heard somewhere:

Things have a strange way of occurring. (So pay attention with as few assumptions as one can.)
Sometimes luck appears in disguise.


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