there is no one secret

Is there a secret to living a satisfying life? There is no one secret. There are a few simultaneous activities that can lead to having a satisfying life.

Almost all counselors are advising folks that meditation can take the edge off of things that keep us unsatisfied, and many of us continue to ignore this wise advice about this powerful one-of-a-kind tool.

Among us are folks who say “No thank you, I can make it in life without a crutch. Meditation is for wimps.” Are their minds closed or frozen? It’s their identities talking, not their beings.

The results of meditation (consciously relaxing and allowing language to peter out and then basking in the silence) are backed up by science.

Meditation is good for us. It’s high quality mental rest. And when we rest this way on a regular basis, the better this high-quality mental rest becomes and improves us as identities and relaxes us.

Why wouldn’t we take advantage of such a valuable tool that’s free? Well, there’s the time it takes, and it’s not easy to establish a daily practice. These are very good reasons but shut out the possibility of communing with your being.

why and what
happens with meditation:

A person’s ego is threatened by meditation because it feels it may loose its captain’s chair and no longer be in charge of its being, the human animal, and it also fears it might disappear completely, so it makes excuses and can give reasons why to not meditate today which is highly tempting because the ego is the one who put forth the reason and so agrees with itself. Understanding this is the way forward.

We tend to think meditation is a medicine for what ails us, which is true in a sense, when we can just as easily think of meditation as a better way to live: ignoring the medicine mindset and replacing it with a regular ingathering of healthy mental food in which silence is the main course.

Also (I’ve found out at least for myself) the older one gets (I’m 74), the healthier it is to eat paleo foods and to keep being active.

As I mentioned above, there are a few simultaneous activities that can lead to having a satisfying life. In my opinion they are: good food, good exercise, good relaxation, good fun, good work—daily or almost daily. Everyone on earth should have the freedom to earn and to choose and establish these activities…it’s an uphill road to get there but not impossible. Throughout history, time and time again, humans have accomplished what was thought to be impossible.

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