(from my book)

It’s good to know during meditation we can accomplish two requisites: the dropping of desire and expectation. This opens the way to fulfillment. It’s almost impossible to drop desire and expectation when we are trying to do so. However, while our mind is repeating a mantra or concentrating on breath or is silent, desire and expectation disappear automatically.

The result is when one is relaxed and sitting with eyes closed and via meditation the mind eventually becomes silent, the identity, the ego — void of language — disappears and the human being automatically becomes spiritual bait for the cosmos, the mystery, the isness. In other words when we meditate, we are fishing for satisfaction and/or fulfillment.

If we aren’t swallowed by the big fish, we will still have the beneficial and satisfying experience which going fishing brings.

If the universe could use human language and wanted to communicate, what would it say?

It might be something comparable to . . .

You are leaning on me like everything else. Even though you may feel like it, you are not separate. You are my dream. Relax your mind regularly and be patient and brave and your being will have a chance of revealing itself, face to face.


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