forget about happiness

Down through the ages wise folks have said having to have something makes the something harder to procure.

If so, why is this? If you want something, it probably means a lot of other people are wanting it too, so the commodity is harder to come by or will cost more than it should. Is this also true for happiness which comes from inside of us? 

It seems the best way to experience happiness is not to pursue it but to become involved in doing things which are interesting and productive and forget about happiness, and then somehow happiness keeps showing up as a side effect.

So what’s the best strategy for getting a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Is it to become satisfied with not having one?

the projector of truth

Is it that truth cannot lie?
Is the answer
yes or

Is it both? If so, does
make it

Does truth
fall another way
in that it’s true a lie was told?

If so, is everything that’s

Is truth
the isness of
everything, including us? 

So, is it that truth doesn’t lie but
is the stage for lies and

If so, truth encompasses all the good,
the bad, and the in-between
and every cubic
our four
Is nowness the projector of truth?

father of the universe

Would a best religion be agnostic-based and be loved because it provides a way to approach the universe to discover what is available to us as humans?

Can the universe be approached? Can an offspring approach its parents? Who are our parents? Are parents dwelling in every living cell and supported by the tools of the universe: electricity, a mass of chemicals, awareness, and creativity?

Does life spring up relentlessly without reason?

Is it probable the universe has no sensing mechanism to lead it to create an interest in any of its life forms? As  analogies, is energy the father of the universe, matter its mother and life its spirit? End of story?

Will no religion or gods be there to punish or reward us when we die? What makes this result as close as one can get to a sure thing?

After we die, what of us will be left to punish or reward? Is the soul a religious invention and used as a magical power wand? Where will all of the thousands of judges come from to pass judgment? (A judge and a heaven and hell for each set of religious beliefs, except for the Buddhists who don’t believe there’s a supreme being.)

Does believing in magical ideas and magical beings make them real? Or is organized religion a sincere and unmentionable hope-fest? Is it one or the other?


Is life a series of gettings and givings? A series of decisions made up of refusals and grantings?  Can one give oneself the gift of more time by becoming more aware, by taking more notice on purpose?

When I’m thinking, am I distracted from what’s going on around me to some extent? To observe deeply must I be silent?

How to spend time? Is now always the time to do what needs to be done? Does everything that is, have to be?

Where does time happen? Only in the now? Is there any other place? When does time happen? The present? Is there any other time? How does time happen? Is it that time doesn’t happen, it just is? Is it not linear but vertical and everywhere?

Is the real, here and now, and the not real, there and then? Is everything humming but we can’t hear it? Is time always an individual experience?

Is always so powerful a word that it should always be used carefully? Will the earth always be turning? Always seems to be at its best when used with questions.


If enlightenment is the answer, what is the question? Is it How do I find a way to be aware of being aware? In other words, how do I quiet myself down and become attentive to reality?

What’s keeping us from being fully aware? Are we gathering, processing, and producing information almost all of the time?

Is the best way to become aware finding a way to stop gathering, processing, and producing information? How? Relax and stop using language for a while every day. With a regular meditation practice, it’s possible to meet our maker. Who is? Our animal.

Is silence not the enemy but may seem to be? So who or what is keeping positive change at bay?

All things are as they are because of all the happenings which come before the present state of things. So things could be better but are as they are and can’t be any other way.

pandora’s box

In the news…

If you haven’t heard it yet…how to become younger has been solved!

A young person’s blood is transfused into an older person’s veins, and this wakes up the older person’s stem cells and the result reverses the aging process. Researchers have found this process works in mice. And we are next.

You know the saying “Money talks” well Blood talks too, literally. The news also said there were studies decades ago and were forgotten until now.

College students have a tradition of selling their blood when there’s a need for a few bucks. In the near future, they may be able to pay their way through college by selling their blood every six weeks.

As I did as a seminary student. Baylor hospital made sure we knew they wanted our non smoking and non drinking blood at enough bucks a pint. My diet was very good at the seminary and it seemed to me as money left on the table.

Would leaders who have enough followers donating blood to them have no problems staying young? Would children donate to their parents to keep their parents young? The consequences of this last one is mind boggling.

Does this mean we’ll have to become rich to stay alive? Will this be a big incentive and cause the economy to begin to roll big-time? Could young blood be cloned?

I remember a movie which featured time credits which allowed a person to live beyond a certain age. The credits were transferred through a person’s inside forearm. Without the credits a person dies.

If this new type of young-to-old transfusion became illegal, would there be a rush to create clandestine labs? Transfusion labs on ships in international waters? Has pandora’s box already been opened? Here come the snake oil salespersons with a real product but are they hygienic?

This started out as a humorous piece but it took on its own way. Happy 2015.

sitting on the bench

our constant
use of language and

our unease and uncertainties
is an undiscovered

and relaxation
fitted with a dwelling place.

It’s new real estate ready for use.
Our lives go on all
around it

and we
don’t miss it
because we are occupied using it.

It’s our awareness
our precious animals,
awarenesses without words.

What about being only the animal
while we’re sitting on
the bench?

that be like?