father of the universe

Would a best religion be agnostic-based and be loved because it provides a way to approach the universe to discover what is available to us as humans?

Can the universe be approached? Can an offspring approach its parents? Who are our parents? Are parents dwelling in every living cell and supported by the tools of the universe: electricity, a mass of chemicals, awareness, and creativity?

Does life spring up relentlessly without reason?

Is it probable the universe has no sensing mechanism to lead it to create an interest in any of its life forms? As  analogies, is energy the father of the universe, matter its mother and life its spirit? End of story?

Will no religion or gods be there to punish or reward us when we die? What makes this result as close as one can get to a sure thing?

After we die, what of us will be left to punish or reward? Is the soul a religious invention and used as a magical power wand? Where will all of the thousands of judges come from to pass judgment? (A judge and a heaven and hell for each set of religious beliefs, except for the Buddhists who don’t believe there’s a supreme being.)

Does believing in magical ideas and magical beings make them real? Or is organized religion a sincere and unmentionable hope-fest? Is it one or the other?


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