what fits

Does being positive about a long-standing
or critical problem pay off
by approaching the
the attitude
of There may be a
lesson or two to learn here,

I’ll observe without judgment
for a while and then
see what


Out of the mind and into the world.

be so lucky

Is it possible one’s god is the only true God out of all the other thousands of true Gods who are supported by their own holy scriptures or bibles? Are all of these other religions created by humans but not one’s own god or religion?

If you are one of these religious folks, you feel, believe, and have faith, as much as all the other religious folks do, that your god is the only real one. Otherwise, why give your time and money away?

How can so many be so lucky? Have they created their own luck?

the continuous situation

It’s natural for a culture to try to shape its young so their everyday responses need little or no thought.

We are living the lives we are because of the way we respond to what is happening around us. Our responses come from our interpretation of what’s going on around us, and our interpretations are created from the rules and beliefs stored in our minds. This is common knowledge.

Our language habit (what we think) governs our lives, as we have come to understand. So we create our lives by responding to the continuous situation we’re in by using thoughts which have worked well for us in the past to lessen any pain there might be or to brighten things up.

Is there a way to get off of the never-ending merry-go-round of our normality? Normality being the constant use language which is keeping the present just out of reach.

We are told to learn how to feel or be in the nowness. Experiencing the nature of the situation we’re in…is a very good start. The process of learning is called meditation. It gives us a break from the constant flow of thoughts. The regular practice of meditation allows us to become mindful or to be in the present without judging (using language) just observing.

Living without the constant use of language is not easy because its constant use is a lifelong habit and it takes time  and desire to develop the habit of giving language a rest on a regular basis.

The problem is one’s identity (one’s ego) will put up a fight for its turf: its captainship. The insecure identity is fearful (fear is the tool of control) of becoming quaint or being wiped out of existence by non use.

To wake from our constant ego state, we have to learn how to let language rest when language isn’t necessary. “Actions speak louder than words.”

For millennia sages have suggested one can develop the practice of meditation to silence the mind and then via mindfulness to sense reality in full bloom. Meditation and mindfulness are the tools, and silence and nowness provide the stage, and we are the players.

The search for a way to become mindful as one’s normal conscious state is one of the oldest memes of this world and has been pursued for ages by using meditation which is still the freshest thing around.

Enlightenment is a frontier for every human who has created an identity and includes just about us all.

Most everyone seems to have heard about the possibility of being mindful as a normal state of being and about the positive nature of meditation but haven’t taken it seriously. If we were serious about it, wouldn’t we slow down to see what reality is like without the obstruction of constant language use?

The possibility of going on this deep adventure is a bonus we have for being human. We lost our complete awareness as children, and this awareness is a treasure if ever restored. There’s nothing the matter with the tool of language. The matter is the continuous situation.

What are we going to do
with it being now
all the time?

in your pocket

Spending time I can’t afford
as other things need
tending to.

What’s life
without things to
do waiting in the wings?

What’s the best piece of advice there is?
Just get started…
figure it
out from there?

Make a list and keep it
in your pocket
may be
the second-best
piece of advice there is.

Imagine you’re on a stage but not worrying about what you’re going to do or how you’ll be judged for doing what you’ll do in front of the attendees.