the best case scenario

If you have to have something new or are seeking approval from others, will it be an easy and habitual waste of time to spend a lifetime stuck in such a situation?

Is it that approval like newness doesn’t last? Will we always want more and have to have? Is this not a good situation for the wanter because those who are going to give leverage, give it for control? Is this the life of a dancing bear?

       If so, what do I do about it?

Holy smokes, you want me to tell you what the case is? Why should I?

      Don’t you want to tell those who read this what the case is?

I guess you’ve got me. So…here’s my two cents worth.

Set your situation up so when you wake in the morning, you have something interesting to do.

      How do I do that?

It’s easy to do when you are awake.

      You mean I’m not awake?

Maybe not fully, but functionally you are. The identity uses one’s being to move around and to do its bidding and is a good or a so-so or a poor or a terrible choice maker.

All things being equal (I say that because they obviously aren’t) most of the terrible and poor choice makers have mostly miserable lives and have occasional bright spots to remember.

And I’m guessing…I’m making this up as I go…out of the good and so-so types of choice makers, it’s the norm to have more challenging and interesting lives and also have the propensity to do the right thing or the better thing when there’s a choice.

But even these better choosers are still asleep in a sense because their being (the body and brain) is not being given the attention it deserves and needs.

      Are you talking about taking time out to meditate?

Yes. If you’ve ever had breaks during the day to nap, it’s the same refreshing thing, but you remain conscious; then, the sky’s the limit.

Slowly you start becoming a more authentic person without trying to become one. You begin to desire the truth and nothing but the truth. You begin see truth everywhere you look.

Accepting the nowness (surrendering to the way things actually are) happens more and more. And this sensing of nowness can go away. Its habit of going away reminds me of the way happiness operates.

      And what is a way to find happiness?

You meditate regularly and by practicing mindfulness, nowness keeps coming around and gratefulness shapes your posture and you forget about happiness. But happiness keeps trying to interrupt your life. So you open the door and let happiness in and it wants to make itself at home, and you don’t care if it does or not. Of course, this would be the best case scenario.

      So happiness is a byproduct of what? Not having to have it?

the correction

Here’s an important key in life:

First we have to begin doing something we are capable of doing.

Make a mistake, make a correction.
Make a mistake, make a correction.
Make a mistake, make a correction,

After we make a correction, we will have learned the lesson if we were aware of what we were actually doing while we were correcting the mistake.

What’s so hard about that? We have to pay attention.

This is so simple it’s profound. This is how we started out learning as infants.
And it still works as good as ever.