truth doesn’t care

Why do we use our biases quickly, and without a lot of conscious thinking, and use only parts of the information which harmonize with our beliefs, and then use it to establish or decide what is right and wrong?

Once we have an opinion or belief, it’s our nature to want to hang on to it because it feels so good to be without a doubt, right, correct, in the know and on the way.

We add new information when it comes along if it compliments what we already think or believe. And it’s rejected if it conflicts with what we already think or believe. We are all guilty and can change this by becoming more aware.

Science calls this confirmation bias, and confirmation bias gives us reasons to form alliances with like minded folks.

Is it that truth doesn’t care
if it’s recognized
or not?

In the entire universe
can only life

the bothersome things of life

I started accepting
all of the bothersome things of life

and started dealing with them as if
they had a right to be

changed as I realized
history creates the only moment there is… 

this moment, an always
changing speck of

which is
about thirteen
point seven billion years of nowness

and there’s nothing we can change about it,
but we are able enjoy it
because being

in the
moment is
as real as we can get.

So why do we habitually
avoid this special

the heavy lifting

Should I stop making excuses and stop trying to make others happy?

Am I really a victim and have the desire for others to make me happy and assist me in thinking better thoughts?

Who should be doing the heavy lifting?

Getting outside with nature
and breathing its
fresh air

and not
paying too much
attention to tech by being creative

and thinking mature thoughts about myself.
Having desires and visions
the way
learning how to…just be.