To be or not to be is what we face all along the way.

Believing something will always be the same and then coming to believe the same something can do nothing but change…happens too along the way. It’s a shock but we get over it.

Is it that we can’t help believing?
Is this why disbelief

Belief plus
disbelief equals
just one of the dualities.

As has been said many times, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts.

Why? We feel comfortable with beliefs because they can stay the same and facts are subject to change which is scary to many.


Does mental growth happen when we are not prepared for some activity, and we do it anyway? If so, odd as it sounds, this means if we’re not ready for what’s coming, we’re ready to grow.

Is it that willingness to start doing something before we feel ready to do it well is what learning is all about. We grow on the job, and many times the job is a book, a collection, etc.

So, when do we grow? When we are challenged and have to give all of our attention — as playing a new video game, and after a while we are playing by reflex actions not having to think at all in the zone.

Do we give something our full attention
because it’s interesting and
its mastery gives

ad infinitum

Does the universe go on forever? Yes…?

What if somehow we traveled to the edge of our universe, what would happen? One of two things are possible and most children will agree with this vivid description when they think about it for the first time.

The two things:

The first thing: if there’s nothing at the edge of the universe, we continue on without obstruction on our imaginary journey.

The second thing: there’s a wall or something obstructing us. So we have been stopped. This would make our universe a cocoon.

The obstruction which got in our way has to have at least some thickness, and that thickness can go on forever making the obstruction never ending in all directions or the obstruction ends at some distance.

If it ends, then there’s more space beyond it, then another obstruction, then another space, ad infinitum. These were my thoughts as a kid. Space goes on forever.

Here is a decent theory I found on Public TV: the space in our universe goes on forever in a circular manner like our earth’s surface offers never ending possible routes over is spherical surface.

the big six in a nutshell

What are the six best uses of our time?

education (skills, trades, creativity, studying, etc.)

relaxation (breathing exercises, meditation, sleep, etc.)

exercise (walking, yoga, sports, interval training, etc.)

diet (eating small or no amounts of sugar or grain products, etc.)

interacting (with family, friends, and coworkers) 

adventure (books, trips, hobbies, charity, romance, children, etc.)

And all six can happen on the same day!