ad infinitum

Does the universe go on forever? Yes…?

What if somehow we traveled to the edge of our universe, what would happen? One of two things are possible and most children will agree with this vivid description when they think about it for the first time.

The two things:

The first thing: if there’s nothing at the edge of the universe, we continue on without obstruction on our imaginary journey.

The second thing: there’s a wall or something obstructing us. So we have been stopped. This would make our universe a cocoon.

The obstruction which got in our way has to have at least some thickness, and that thickness can go on forever making the obstruction never ending in all directions or the obstruction ends at some distance.

If it ends, then there’s more space beyond it, then another obstruction, then another space, ad infinitum. These were my thoughts as a kid. Space goes on forever.

Here is a decent theory I found on Public TV: the space in our universe goes on forever in a circular manner like our earth’s surface offers never ending possible routes over is spherical surface.


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