life is a search

If life is a search for purpose and completion (often called “meaning”), what type of life is best? One type is about the desire of making lots of money and is tempting but crowded with sharks of many descriptions where large sums of money can be made and lost by participating.

There are other ways to live where there is one satisfactory completion after another and where there’s love, joy, peace, and gratitude.

Both rich and poor and almost all in-between are in existence’s constant here and now-ness and are constantly thinking, breathing, getting thirsty, working, being hungry, interacting with people, and getting older, yet we don’t know we are missing most of reality, and for humanity, it has been this way for a long-long time.

So, I ask myself, do I have to be rich or famous to live a meaningful life, and I’m thinking…of course not, living a meaningful life is what freedom is about. How do we opt out of the race for fame and/or riches for an normal, everyday life, given the chance?

Maybe by asking “Is there more to life than the race to have fame and more than enough money to survive and retire on”? Why can’t we have our cake and eat it too? Is it up to us?

Here’s the key question. Why wait to become rich or famous in order to relax and savor life? If we wait, relaxing and savoring life may never happen for us. Why do we keep straining?

Knowing we’re already home and set (not having to have the expensive toys of wealth) gives us different options. Plus, taking time to slow down can allow us to see better the speed and direction to go. Relaxation and savoring life has a way of bringing interesting thoughts and trails into our lives.

As we slow down, we are able to notice and appreciate more of what life is full of.

One can be relaxed while building a fortune if one knows a sure way to build a fortune and is willing and able to apply the knowledge without worry or stress by knowing it’s just a matter of time.

What is the need to worry or hurry when we are already content? It’s strange but true…not having to have something makes it easier to obtain.

Can unapplied knowledge come back to haunt us? Yes, it’s called guilt. It’s a psychological instrument we know how to use…by pushing it on others or having to pull it.

Notice guilt for what it is…a reminder. It bothers us or it doesn’t, depending on what it’s about. How strong can guilt be when it’s rightly ignored? Guilt is part of the “would-a” “could-a” “should-a” tradition and has a use or it wouldn’t exist.

more of the same business advice

First, we need a good idea. Then we need to seek advice.

A bad habit of entrepreneurs is holding the belief no one can do it better than they can. So, if we think that way, we can end up doing most or all of the work.

Ring a bell?

If so, it probably means we are occupied in the wrong way and we’ll end up feeling like it’s a regular job while we are wanting it to feel like the adventure it should be.

If this regular-job feeling comes up, we’re working in our business, while we should be working on our business. By working on our business, we can work to set our business up so it works for us.

We can start by getting support for tasks not needing our presence. This gives us more time for planning and looking for new applications where the business can expand.

If outsourcing is working out, we can let our assistants slowly take over more and more of what we are doing.

We will remember how much time opened up for planning. So, how to plan? Start planning and the ideas will come. Then ask for advice. Pay for it if you must.

Smell the freedom?


Is the

success to
put perfection
on the bench and to

delegate duties where
our input is not

Perfection comes
from its being relaxed
while waiting on the bench

yet ready to go when called
upon like the cells of
our bodies are.

Doing the above gives us time to work on creativity and strategy, two of the things needed for accelerating  growth.

So, we need a plan based on creativity and good strategies, then we have to act on our plan to change our course.

Every situation is perfect in a way because everything existing and happening in the universe is built on the real history from the BB up to the breath we are taking whether we are aware of it or not.

For the
present moment
to be any other way is
not possible. Can we guide ourselves
only in this moment which is
hugging us from all

what’s happ’nin’

Every now and then
I stop and think
my days

Shocked again, I pause
and look around me because
the thought of death has a talent which can be used for good.

For viewing things differently, raising the
intensity everything etc.,
and thinking

strange stuff
how everything
is made of the  same stuff
and is marvelously complicated.

How energy and gravity combining
again and again
tells the

Gravity made the stars and
the stars made us
we will die
like the stars will also die.

Death…and knowing
it’s coming
for sure

is something we can
believe in
for sure.

And reality
looks on with infinite
patience while we do our thing.

It’s our body looking while hidden
behind the clankings

Does thinking about death enhance our view of
the time we have
left and the
fact this
time is

Will we ever see what it’s like
to be truly aware
what’s happ’nin’
without any of our spin?


I remember my mother telling this story to her friends.

“When Marvin was very young, I didn’t cut his hair, and it got long, curly, and blond, and when we would ride the bus, many times we had to stand in the aisle.

“That put Marvin close to a sitting passenger, and occasionally, a person would smile at him and say ‘Little girl, where did you get such beautiful blue eyes?’ And Marvin would answer slowly ’God gave ‘um to me.’”

I didn’t know it at that time that I didn’t have a chance to choose what I thought was truth: I was already brainwashed. It seemed adults were right about everything.

Children believe what adults tell them as being true, specially when their care givers are faithful to what they believe is true.

I loved my dear mother and how she cared for me. I was lucky to be her child.

In the early 1990s, a good friend, who lived in Australia, out of the blue, recommended I read The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe without Design by Richard Dawkins.

I read it and relaxed because it gave me more than enough reasons to ignore the magical idea of original sin and gave me the reasons why there was no need for a creator-God.

Understanding why a God was not needed to create the earth and its inhabitants sets us free from magical characters full of magical ideas and happenings.

All that was needed was a Big Bang and a lot of time.

Richard Dawkins, thank you.

Also, The Blind Watchmaker makes it easy to conclude this life is the only life we’re going to have. It’s up to all of the plants and creatures to figure out ways to enjoy it.

Was there a God responsible for the Big Bang? Anyone has a fifty percent chance of being right when answering this yes or no question.

I feel the odds of a supreme God being real as depicted in the Bible wishful thinking. Yet, I can’t know for sure, so I’ll go with the odds real magic doesn’t exist and put my faith in nature and science.

age-old questions

Here’s an adventure having to do with
one’s identity by answering
the age-old questions…

Who am I?
Why am I here?

Who am I? I’m the one asking
this question: I am
an identity.

Why am I here? I’m here as the representative
of the human being who created me,
and I respond to the name this
smart being was given,
and I also do the

That’s it.


Imagine two sharks taking a break from their hunting to take a few moments to rest. They are floating facing each other and the smaller one says…

Food is getting less and less each year. There’s a rumor going ‘round there’s better hunting over close by the shore this time of year.

The other shark replies…

We know better than to mess with the humans, but their constant pollution of our home is the last straw. They don’t realize what we’ll do to live another day.