what’s happ’nin’

Every now and then
I stop and think
my days

Shocked again, I pause
and look around me because
the thought of death has a talent which can be used for good.

For viewing things differently, raising the
intensity everything etc.,
and thinking

strange stuff
how everything
is made of the  same stuff
and is marvelously complicated.

How energy and gravity combining
again and again
tells the

Gravity made the stars and
the stars made us
we will die
like the stars will also die.

Death…and knowing
it’s coming
for sure

is something we can
believe in
for sure.

And reality
looks on with infinite
patience while we do our thing.

It’s our body looking while hidden
behind the clankings

Does thinking about death enhance our view of
the time we have
left and the
fact this
time is

Will we ever see what it’s like
to be truly aware
what’s happ’nin’
without any of our spin?

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