more of the same business advice

First, we need a good idea. Then we need to seek advice.

A bad habit of entrepreneurs is holding the belief no one can do it better than they can. So, if we think that way, we can end up doing most or all of the work.

Ring a bell?

If so, it probably means we are occupied in the wrong way and we’ll end up feeling like it’s a regular job while we are wanting it to feel like the adventure it should be.

If this regular-job feeling comes up, we’re working in our business, while we should be working on our business. By working on our business, we can work to set our business up so it works for us.

We can start by getting support for tasks not needing our presence. This gives us more time for planning and looking for new applications where the business can expand.

If outsourcing is working out, we can let our assistants slowly take over more and more of what we are doing.

We will remember how much time opened up for planning. So, how to plan? Start planning and the ideas will come. Then ask for advice. Pay for it if you must.

Smell the freedom?


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