better now than later

How does a person keep a relationship fresh? Does the joy begin to fade when one or both parties begin to take the other for granted?

So, don’t start taking the other for granted by reminding yourself how it feels when it happens to you. To check up on a relationship, you can ask the question What would life be like for me without this relationship? Count the options.

If you feel it would be a terrible loss to loose this friend or partner, express your gratitude to the other party more often and in more ways than one. Allow your gratefulness to show.

If imagining your life without the relationship turns out to produce a good feeling, I can’t think of what to say because it’s your situation. You know to be honest and gentle.

If you ever feel you are about to be dumped, don’t be afraid to ask “Should I not call again?”or “Should we not go out again?” These questions will clear up the situation quickly by the other’s response: Why are you saying that? or “That’s a good idea.”

Better now than later.


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