Who wants to do things which

hit as a thud with no

after sound?


one strikes

a string on a guitar,

it resonates and the sound

eventually dies


Is this a lesson it’s better to do things

which have ramifications?

It’s more economical?

Yet there are no exceptions?

Let’s see if I can come up with one…


spitting not into

the wind but with the

wind would be of no consequence.

But there could be a drought going on,

and the spittle lands at

the entrance of

an ant hill

and the queen lives to

produce another generation of ants.

And maybe there’s no ant hill,

but the spittle hits

the ground



with the dirt, which

contains an unimaginable

number of life forms in one cubic

inch which would


Well maybe

it’s just better to

do things which have

beneficial ramifications,

but don’t go around spitting?

Make a wave. Make another wave

and then another. We all

while living and

many even



leave paths of

beneficial radiating waves.


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