covered by words

Is everything real


are we dreaming it’s real?

Are we dreaming


missing the everything?


can we

enter the real?

Is there a conscious state we’re missing

because our pure awareness is

being covered by words?

Do we have to recognize our beings

by stopping our language

habit for a while

which shuts

down our

I ness.


don’t we get

the bull by the horns?

Is it because we’re afraid?

Of what?

Loosing our position of captain?

Are we really

slaves to



good enough


If so why adventure?


4 thoughts on “covered by words

    • “we” means all of us humans or almost everyone.
      Almost everyone is trapped by the essentialness and wonderful power of language.
      Language is what we do when we are awake. Language is automatic as I’m sure you know.

      • Okay thanks I think I’m starting to get it. Sure language can be a trap, especially if I see it as automatic, but used properly it can also set me free. It sets me free when I learn to take ownership of my self and my words. I’ve learned that my I-ness is my primary tool for taking ownership of my actions, otherwise I’m just projecting my problems onto the rest of the world. That’s a bit different than what you outlined above, and I can see why I was confused because I don’t consider myself part of your we. Wow, that’s pretty deep. I am free from the we! Thanks for your post, contemplating it is really bringing me to life. Much respect, Aaron

  1. Dear Aaron, Language is like a wall between normal humans and reality. We are in the corral of I-ness as you call it. We are silent at birth and become trapped in language as it becomes automatic. Language isn’t resisted because it’s the most powerful tool acquired by a small child.

    The greatest adventure is to realize we are trapped by language, and it’s natural to be trapped. Language keeps us from not experiencing reality (the present moment). Meditation is the best tool around to bring us back to experience the moment in which we are existing. Time is stationary. It’s the only place where change can happen. In our normal condition we experience time as linear because it seems that way to our logical minds.

    The past and future are dream stuff (thoughts) we can only experience in the present moment. Sincerely, Marvin

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