education now

Should we double down on a winning hand when it comes to education?

For the most part, education is about reading, writing, arithmetic, some science, facts about our government and how it works, some history, and obeying rules. These are all good things, and all of these educational modes are available any time.

So, what is it we need to double down on? It’s not that we shouldn’t teach reading, writing, and arithmetic.

So what’s not available any time? The shaping of the human brain. If so, what does one’s brain need to know when it’s most receptive?

Einstein suggested “Education should train the mind to think.” In other words, memorization is a good tool but not a way to solve problems. This is the heart of the problem.

An Einstein education (in my opinion) would include teaching the importance of conflict resolution (students could then take the techniques home and try them out on their parents), the why of manners (the teacher could give homework of writing an essay with the title Manners, what are they good for?), the giving of common courtesy, the importance of good grammar (mistakes go off like bombs in the ears of listeners), debating skills, the importance of one’s financial knowledge and reputation, logical thinking, problem solving, roll playing, exploring the ways to relax, the best techniques for creating self discipline, etc.

This type of education produces energetic and confident human beings who can choose whether or not to be worker bees or shooting for the moon, and we need teachers who are excited to teach in this way and who are going the extra miles because of the thrill it gives them, and we’ll need to pay them at least twice as much as they receive now.

There would still be time for math, reading, science, band, sports, and discussing the reasons countries make war on one another which will produce daily essays full of preventing-war ideas, about the disadvantages of poverty, and essays about social justice, etc.

A time for class discussion about what’s on their minds. What’s going on in the world that interests or bothers you? A homework essay on a topic discussed, etc.

An example: a teacher might ask the question Why are many police officers not tried in a court of law when they commit criminal acts unless the acts are caught on camera and come to public notice?

Then, using groups of four, five, or six students, let them figure out the why for themselves and propose how to fix the situation with each group reporting their results.

This type of high-quality education is what is going on in the best of our private and public schools, so why isn’t this type of education permeating every class room in our country?

Is the lack of this what is not working in our educational system as we spend twice as much per student than countries which are giving the quality education Einstein described to all of their children?

Does training the mind how to think

require new priorities and techniques

in the classrooms of our nation?

When are we going to use the power we have as voters to change the situation? We should now understand we are headed toward a much richer elite and under them a smaller middle-class elite with a vast group of the poor doing the preparation and the cleaning up for very little pay.

Giving the best education possible to everyone is the solution for building a huge, more talented, and a more dominating middle class. Instead of “we the rich” it would return to “we the people.”

If we can wake up, we will not continue to be a country with a constantly rising debt by funding war after war. Change for the better will take long-term planning and redoing our educational system by teaching life-enhancing skills.

If we let our country be milked to death, it’s not going to be a problem for the rich because when the cow dies, they will have enough gold and international stocks to support their families and endeavors as long as needed.

Many folks have the attitude “Don’t worry, the future will take care of itself.” But the future needs all the help it can get. Our future will get the assistance it needs if we dare to bring the best education to everyone by making it our highest priority and by participating in our government by daring to vote.

This would mean a free education for all through college and in the future when more knowledge is needed. Why make our young huge debtors starting out? The greed for more money? When we become active in our minds, we will vote. When we don’t vote, we insult our ancestors and handicap our children. 

The best education possible should be voted in as a right because the prosperity and strength it will bring to our country will help both conservatives and liberals.

Our country will begin its awakening when this happens. The idea of change this fundamental shouldn’t bother the rich because they will have a leg up in the new prosperity.

The biggest question to face and answer is How do a million or so rich folks and their companies lead and make laws favoring them economically at the expense of the rest of us who are over 300,000,000 strong? Does this tell us something? Let’s stop being sheep.

It tells us influence can now be legally and tactfully given by giving our money to our elected officials. Why do we permit it? We are use to it. Years ago, congress passed laws that made it legal to receive money from folks who wanted to give money to our political representatives. The result We don’t have the votes in congress to take the money out of politics even if we wanted to.

It’s ironic that we progressives don’t find and then elect anti-money folks into congress so we can get on with the progress toward a peaceful country and world where capitalism has to pay its way and clean up after itself.

Is the choice taking the money out of politics or keep on being corralled and ridden like horses? The poor are stuck with a terrible minimum wage, and we all are paying double per student for an educational system that cannot compete with the educational systems in some developed countries. Do these two things assist in keeping poor folks poor?


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