coming from silence

If this is our moment, must we claim it and own it? Is it always our moment but we are living in a language world which keeps us occupied because it’s the way it’s always been.

So what’s all the fuss about the moment? Are we using it but not sensing it? Are we hiding in a complex dream state?

When Socrates said “Know thy self” he may have meant get to know your human animal. Why do I say this? Because Socrates uses the word “thy” which means your self. What or who is the self? The owner of the self, you, the captain, the chooser, the identity which is created naturally by the human animal responding to its environment. The game of life begins…

So all of our power comes from the human animal, as I’ve said before, the being is one with all the talents, the one we depend on for existence.

Is the only way we can get to know our selves is to find a way to move out of our language mode. We are the awareness hogs we love and claim to be.

However, meditation can lead us into silence where we identities can rest our language habit and pay attention to our talented one, the self, our being, our ride.

As a babe
coming from silence
and being captured by language
and eventually coming to periods of silence
alternating with language is the greatest adventure
in the game of life but not according
to me but according to
the wisest of our

If interested, my book Discovering the Obvious has a chapter with the title “Adventure of Adventures” which gives much more detail about meditation than my blog posts. The chapter is about the human condition and what to do about it.

While I’m selling, I must tell you about the first chapter (one of the four short stories in the book). It’s a vision of how life on earth might be six thousand years from now and how it got that way and what the ultimate destiny of the human race might be. You can “see inside” the book on The eBook’s cost is a mere $3.90.


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