the two best

America has nothing to fear from becoming more attentive and caring to all of its citizens. Is “the american way” becoming more and more greedy and less and less willing to assist those who need a helping hand?

The two best helping hands are a free first rate educational system for all (we are paying twice as much per pupil than countries with much better educational systems than ours) and good medical care as a human right for all of our citizens.

These two key things would create the situation where the sky is the limit for anyone who dares to think so. Our country would become a redwood of strength and an example to the world that change is usually for the better.

If change was smart enough to create us, it shouldn’t have become a bad thing as some would have us think.

And not the rigged country we live in today.

What is the matter with having a single payer health care system with no deductible, like Canada. Health is the most important thing. Money should only be paid to actual care givers.


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