truth & meaning 2

Is it that
we don’t find meaning

it finds us — just like happiness does?
And does meaning build
itself from what
we do?

Is truth everywhere
(When we tell a lie, it’s true a lie was told.)
and exists only in the present moment?
Can the thought of and the actuality of truth
only happen in the present moment?

We’re truth through and through and
are at the top of our part of animal kingdom,
and we’re babes of the universe as is everything else.

We’re very smart animals, and so, did they create us? Our identities, you and me?  

As toddlers, did we fall into the social trance of the most powerful tool ever created on earth? You can guess what it is and probably already know.

Language. This is probably what happened.

First we adopted the name given us and then invented our social skills using our body’s talents. As a necessary tool, each human animal invented its own unique parasitic entity (what many would call a soul or ego) using neural connections in its brain in order to get along in society, and for each of us to to repay our human animal fully, may never happen.

would repay
our talented animal?
A Buddha-like enlightenment
just might
do it.

If so,
would that
being then have
two separate opinions?

We’ve all heard and repeated the truism…
“Health is everything.”

But the truth is…
Our human animal
is our everything,
even one with
bad health.


2 thoughts on “truth & meaning 2

  1. In my own rumiinations and readings I never before came across the idea of a “parasitic entity” as a synonym for soul or ego— I like it!

    • Thank you for your comment seejei97. Maybe a better term might be “a parasitic like identity” in the sense it cannot support itself without its living human animal in which it exists. I’m glad you like what I wrote. I wondered about the term but left it because it had the connotation I wanted. This chooser will evaporate and go nowhere when its ride dies.

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