Logic says we should be ready with
ways to stay relatively
calm when
having to
deal with an
emergency or a
very unusual situation.

A good way is via self-talk: repeating calmly and
silently to ourselves a planed phrase
or sentence at normal speed.

Such as
“Calm down.”
or “Calmness will get me through this.”
or “Calmness gets the job done.” 
or “Easy now.” 
or “Easy does it.” 
or “Slow down.”
or “Relax.”

Learning to use self-talk
will assist in responding well.

For instance…
Having calming words ready to assist us is what we would need if we heard someone shout, “The building’s on fire! The building’s on fire!” Calming words could save one’s own life and the lives of others. As the Boy Scout’s motto wisely states “Be prepared.”


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