Is desire both
good and

Can desire motivate us to great achievements and also put us in the future again and again causing us to miss the nowness by not being aware here and now?

We desire the awareness and the nowness for a while then forget them but keep trying to feel our connectedness through and through to the universe.

The awareness and the nowness are not ours and are parts of our being’s universalness: life; all life have the two. We are lucky to have sadness and pain because they give us the wonderful other halves and the possible mountain top…. Going after it again and again. Enjoying the adventure only when it’s part time.

is the thing which
got us started, and later,
not desiring (not having to have) the ultimate
opens the door, but we have to walk through the door or
leave frightened for our survival.
The door’s name is 

Who could be afraid to surrender to
nature, the being’s creation?
Nature’s scaredy cat?
All of us?


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