the ruler of old

One way the present can be defined is
the process of
establishing a
mutual relationship
with one’s surroundings.

If so, how?

Through more awareness and less language.

OK, but how?

Maybe adopting
the practice of daily meditation.
It teaches us how to turn our language habit off
for longer and longer

Meditation  sets
the stage for us to relax
enough to possibly merge with
our parent, the

The sages say
having to have this
experience keeps the
experience at a distance,
so, they say the best way to
meditate is to forget about wanting
the big experience and simply bask in the silence.
Meditation strengthens our ability to pay more
attention to what is happening around
us. It changes our body’s chemistry
and our lives for the better by
having less stress and
making better

between ordinary
and extraordinary is that little extra.” Anonymous

The 20 minutes twice a day is tiny but powerful if done regularly.

The 40 minutes is only 1/24th of a person’s non-sleeping day.
What are the priorities?
Once one makes meditation a habit, one looks forward to it.

The sages warn us when we are starting a practice that
we will sabotage any attempt to make it a daily practice. Why? Fear.

We fear a meditation practice can turn the ego (our identity)
into a useful feature rather than the ruler of old.

It all all depends
on developing a regular practice
and being content with the normal effects of meditation.
There are no guarantees when it
comes to the Universe.
It could care less.

our beings
wait patiently for us to do better?

wouldn’t it be nice

Wouldn’t it be nice
if everyone’s wish about
an afterlife would be what one gets.

Hell, heaven, purgatory, rebirth, and evaporating
as a thinker with no support from
the dead human animal, &
without a connection
to existence into
the light

Which has the best chance of actually happening?