the most important thing

There’s a Zen teaching which goes…

The most important thing is remembering the most important thing.

But…is it up to us to figure out what the most important thing is for ourselves?

There are so many versions of truth in the world, how am I supposed to know which one is correct or the most important? What is the ultimate truth if there is one? Would it be different or the same for each of us?

Is that why each of us has to answer What’s the most important thing? Individually? Are we comfortable with what our most important thing is?

No, it’s probably not what you’re thinking now, but one day, the most important thing may occur to you, and it will be solid and the sureness will be one hundred percent. Can the most important thing change?

Are we all in a corral, and the corral is personal and so large and so interesting we never or hardly ever question if there is another level of awareness to life than what we are experiencing now?

Would it be smart to investigate the possibility now because the chance of there being a magical afterlife is amazingly small?

If so, what do you do to investigate? You might try to find the best way to commune with your own being, the human animal. It’s done by dropping language via meditation.

Of course, you may already have had all of the adventuring you can take and may not be interested. Believe it or not, no one cares about your adventuring but you. Adventuring into the unknown is always a personal choice.

Adventure where? Into the universe inside of each of us.


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