the starter button

Are the really good feelings all waiting for me to do something before they show up? Do I have to flick or turn the starter switch or push the starter button? If so, how is this done? Is one way to realize I’m tired of fretting and being anxious?

Would I push the starter button if I see I’m burdened down with a host of tasks which are haunting me, and then while I’m idling, do the easier tasks first? Is being able to start a project and keep it going even when I don’t feel like it, the key? When it’s good enough to start doesn’t mean it will always be good enough to finish.

Why wait until I’m desperate and end up creating an inferior solution? Why do I have to be desperate to get things moving? Can I create better habits? But when I’m desperate, I do a lot of my best creating, we say, and there’s no time for polishing.

Is the ability to act the skill I need and not to see how long I can wait before I act? The ability to act at the proper time takes a person places. So . . . why do I wait? Is it that I fear change and the unknown? Even success? If so, how can I shake off the fear?

Many positive-attitude advocates say something like feel the dread or fear as deeply as you can and then push the starter button anyway. Once we are in gear and moving, we focus on the driving and are glad we pushed the button! Pushing the starter button gives space for hatching ideas and rewriting their expression into maturity which gives us a better outcome.


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