in the middle

 Many things we know for sure tend to be boring because we already know them…for sure.   

For me, not being able to know for sure about a lot of things has become a good way to exist. We don’t have to know everything. It’s a joy to have found comfort where it was least expected. Here’s an example:

Theism and atheism are both beliefs. Why argue when there’s no way to prove things beyond doubt either way?

In the middle we can relax and look around and just be. Never having to pull or push some mental pattern throughout each day. This is the way many folks, free-thinkers, humanists, agnostics, etc. think and feel. Does the middle way dismiss all magic claiming to be real?

Why promote one’s ideas? Again, are there reasons to battle? It takes up time and feels good if one is bored. Is it just something to do in the trough of time?

Is it idealistic to desire to live in a cleaner and more tolerant world? Sure…and…

Where would we be without idealism and realism? Do they balance each other out? Are they just other parts of our situation? Are they the same thing? Think of capitalism and socialism being best mixed together. So with realism and idealism, does mixing the two make a tasty steak?

Are all dualities really singles as in hot and cold are two of the many conditions of temperature, the single? 

What about being a human creature unpolluted by advanced language and using survival skills to live and propagate? Bingo…we came in by the back door.

Are we
always right in
the middle of everywhere?


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