no expectations

The sages say “When we have to have something [fame, riches, a new car, etc.] our minds start to move in aimless ways.” Not having to have means we have no expectations. There’ll be no yearning in our lives. This alone can change us.

Is it that history can’t forgive and doesn’t need to?

Everything (including our world and the universe) is as it’s supposed to be. (An astounding statement.) And here’s why: things couldn’t be any other way because of everything which has happened previously. So everything is as it should be and is perfect as it is. And this is hard to take.

When we accept this, we will have an insight into how to begin our adventure into finding out what else there is in life. We are perfect as we are. And we will always be.

So what type of perfection do we want. For example: a perfect procrastinator? Etc. This is our starting point. So how do we open this new door in front of us? I’m a meditation nut. So for me, establishing a meditation practice is a good idea because it allows me to relax and has other benefits.

The above pushes the truth that if we keep doing and thinking the same things, there’s little chance for change.


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