a beautiful hat

The sages say meditation is not easy because it’s hard to keep thoughts from interrupting our meditation. This is normal and not a problem if we, while meditating, learn to dismiss thoughts in a gentle manner as we notice them.

The more we gently dismiss the thoughts, the more we have an empty and open mind. An empty mind is where meditation does its work. The absence of thoughts keeps us out of our normal dualistic mode.

We will then have an open mind, a ready mind for possibilities, not the closed mind we usually keep.

If we are wanting results from our meditation, our mind will not be self-sufficient. Wanting or having to have something creates a demanding mind which is not empty.

So, in our everyday lives, we can begin to notice our demanding mind and develop the practice of letting it gently go. Then we will begin to see reality in a different way. Attention and effort is needed.

Some have said “the empty mind idea” is dangerous. It is. But it’s dangerous only to one’s ego. An open or empty mind allows us to begin the adventure of finding out who we are. In addition, only an empty mind can receive something as large as the universe. A mind clouded with constant language use cannot.

We can find out first hand we are not separate. The universe created us. Everything is whole and this wholeness includes each of us, but we cannot know it or feel it while our minds are clouded with language.

Language is our greatest creation. We suffer because we allow thinking to take all of our waking hours. We need time away from this powerful habit to see and feel in a new way, and daily meditation is the tool able deliver the silence and rest needed.

This is not new information. It’s been around for thousands of years. It’s old hat. But it’s a beautiful hat and a hat of freedom and growth.


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