Success is not having to have anything more.

When we are not in a gaining mode, not wishing for more, we fully have our minds and bodies right here with us, and they stay with us and can be used fully.

We do things just for the sake of doing them as a proper thing to do. If something good should come of it, all the better. Successful folks (using the definition above) don’t seek credit for their actions.

Whatever we do, we are expressing our true nature. We generally act for our own benefit which is natural. We work and intermingle in society. We feel good when we give and have regret when we are stingy.

We should honor and take care of our mind and body. Posture is important. When we slump, our minds wander.

We are in charge of ourselves and not others. So don’t try to change others, but don’t ignore them, observe them without judging. If others want our opinion, they will ask for it.

How we do is as important as what we do, as you already know.


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