the castle of magical tools

Many believe the idea of there being a supreme God may have helped humans survive and today helps to create better societies. There’s some truth in these conclusions. But there’s a down side.

History tells us of the millions who have been killed, murdered, and maimed by religious leaders and their followers in the name of their particular God. Even today people are suffering great pain and distress for religious reasons.

Yet…is it necessary for us to believe in a vengeful God (who promises eternal bliss for believers and eternal torture for nonbelievers) in order for us to be decent folks?

The ideas of a soul, a supreme God, a Devil, good spirits, bad spirits, and an afterlife were invented by humans. Where else could they have come?

All of these inventions reside in the castle of magical tools.

So where might a seeker find a warm and welcoming reality-based religious community?

Unitarianism is such a community. It gives prime importance on the potential for goodness in human beings and seeks only rational ways of solving the problems of humanity.


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