finding the present

Our natural awake state is filled with language. Our language use can only take place in the present moment. This means we are not able to use the present moment to notice reality fully. Our language use is an automatic habit. We have trained ourselves to run our lives in a partially aware state. Only when something dramatic happens do we become fully aware and then only for a few seconds and then automatically fall back into language.

When we see a beautiful flower, instead of taking in its beauty for a while, right away we tend to judge it by comparing its beauty with other beautiful flowers we have seen or been given. Discrimination is one of our greatest powers and we automatically use it at every opportunity.

Our judging is just one of the ways we keep from being in the present moment. Thinking of past happenings or wondering or yearning about what may happen in the future are two more ways we keep ourselves from experiencing reality to the fullest.

Our awareness is nature’s greatest gift to us. Our powerful language habit gets in the way of our experiencing awareness fully. This is normal because we can’t remember things being any other way; so we don’t know what we’re missing. And what is that? The truth. The reality.

Experiencing the full depth of the sophisticated animal we ride is one of life’s greatest adventures and experiences say the sages. The path to experience our heritage as humans is via the practice of meditation because it’s the best way to drop our language habit for a while. Plus, meditation gives us high-quality mental rest.

There are health benefits which come from this high-quality mental rest, but full awareness only comes as a bonus; it’s the something extra we don’t expect or have to have.