it’s about seeing

The evidence of the past and thoughts of future events can not escape the present.

Is there no other place? It’s all we have and it’s a wonder.

Our language gives us the ideas of the past, the present and the future. The universe has only nowness.

What does this mean?

It means we are in a useful and automatic language trance. The best thing we can do is to work on waking up from this trance to see and feel whatever else is here in the present moment.

The ancient Hindu sages sages say the waking up from this trance is the greatest experience in life.

How can we do this? The formula the sages give us is to find a way to have periods of non-thinking and to stop judging by accepting everything as it is.

Why not judge? Every past happening causes things to be exactly the way they are. Nothing can change this. This makes things perfect as they are.

To fully understand, the ancients say the way is to start meditating and make it a habit. Meditation creates periods of non-thinking which is the counterpart of our constant language use.  

These periods of non-thinking eventually give us more awareness and later even more awareness and eventually can result in a new way of seeing the world. The sages say when this type of seeing happens, one is astounded and laughs at the obviousness of it all.

It’s not about thinking. It’s about seeing and meditation is the tool.