the far court

We, and only we, can make make the connection to the real world. Our human animal, our being, is the entity keeping us afloat and is already connected to reality and furnishing us with a brain and our various senses. And we use them sometimes for our benefit and for our detriment.

We are not independent entities; we are dependent on our animal, our being.

To receive a benefit, we have to decide in favor of our being, and usually we don’t pay it any attention. Does it hold grudges? No, it does its best to assist us without fail unless we abuse it, and even then, it still does its best. What’s best for our animal? Good rest, healthy food and a good deal of exercise.

Good rest put simply: we have to interrupt our constant barrage of words so we can relax. We have to for our sake and the being’s sake

Meditation as a habit: 
It brings a more relaxed human with a more positive outlook. Remembering our body also needs 
healthy food and plenty of exercise.

When we give we’ll receive.
Our only opponent is
in the far court;
it’s our old
only for us
to hit the ball back
so it can continue to survive.


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