short stuff

Is there no time to lose?

If it can’t be measured it, does it exist?

Is cheap not always the most expensive?

Is there no meaning in life unless we create it?

Why do we feel separate when we aren’t?

Why should the fear of striking out keep us from playing?

Why ask “What is the worst thing that can happen?”

Does being defensive bring into question one’s self confidence?

Is execution more than half?

Does happiness have to be earned?

Does being ready for the “long term” show character?

“There’s nothing more stubborn than facts.” anon

Is one of the keys to failure trying to please everyone?

Is fulfillment found in relationships and not in accomplishments?

Motivation is found in the doing.

Can a good actor go anywhere by not being themselves?

What is the best thing I can do under these circumstances?

Why postpone becoming what we might have been?

Find something to enjoy. Then develop it.

What happens when one becomes thankful for problems?

Is it that being rich has little to do with money?

Is calculated risk the ticket?

Must we learn how to respond to criticism, defeat, and success?

Should we learn how to explain value?

Do talent and passion create the best intersections?

Be ready for obstacles.

Is failure a helping hand?

Are we products of nature and choice?

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.” — Gary Player

“Few of us can do great things, but all of us can do small things with great love.” — Mother Teresa

“Nothing is really work unless you wish you were doing something else.” — George Halis

No decision is a no-decision.

There’s nothing like nothing.

There’s nothing like an unobstructed view.

Is experiencing what I am a pause in my existence?

“History screams and nobody listens.” — Penny Kister

Are we born to fail and learn?

Does belief turn us into fossils? Is a certainty a type of prison?

Are humans creative enough to rationalize anything?

Is lying the cheapest way of bringing interest to life? Is lying to oneself the basic game.

Can one indulge in boredom?

“Did you ever notice that anyone driving slower
than you is an idiot and anyone driving faster
than you is a maniac?” — George Carlin

“There is a difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.” — Richard Feynman

“To live with doubt and uncertainty is better than living with a certainty that might be wrong.” — Richard Feynman

Ultimately, is each individual responsible for themselves?

If you enjoy the game you are playing, it takes the sting out of losing. It hurts but not as long.

Is there nothing so evil as an evil with a cause? — anon

Life is chemistry. We are chemical factories with personalities.

Am I not what I think I am? Am I a fabrication, an illusion?

A little knowledge is really important. Is too much knowledge a vice?

Things are the way they are, regardless of what I think.

Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you.

The earth owes us nothing. We owe it everything.

Half of the world goes to bed hungry. People who know say we have the means and know-how to end this suffering in ten years. What’s the matter with us? Are we hypnotized? Or are we being lied to?

Smart folks say the strength to cope is inside of us, and if we can relax daily it can find us.

“The human heart can see what is hidden to the eyes, and the heart knows things the mind does not begin to understand.”
— “They Might Be Giants”

Is it that we learn after we know everything?

Friendship will require some work.

Realize you will not hit the ball every time. So take your turn at bat and swing away.

The world isn’t fair. — anon

No one tests the depth of a river with both feet.
— African proverb

Go ahead, make a few of my seconds!

All of us are unique. Aren’t we most powerful when using our uniqueness?

What is a good long-term strategy? Respect all humanity. Even those who disagree with you.

Respect the law of averages, but don’t follow it blindly.

Take notice of a cause which possesses you. Make sure the tail isn’t wagging the dog.

Understand we have choices instead of waiting for someone to choose us.

Develop the ability to understand why another person’s viewpoint is not like our own. Then we have a chance to deal with the situation successfully.

Know the difference between loneliness and solitude.
The attraction of money is spellbinding. Remember it’s time we are spending, and we are exchanging it for money.

The primary educators of children are parents, relatives and friends, not professional teachers.

It’s not reruns or coming attractions. It’s prime time and don’t forget it.

Is it possible to plant and harvest the subconscious mind?

Is it that the most valuable things in life cannot be purchased?

“Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler.” — Albert Einstein

Does creativity need food?

To get along, does everyone have to do things they had rather not do?

The sages tell us when we learn to love ourselves we can truly love others.

Is it that you want someone else to save you? If so, how are the odds? Not very good because if you wait a lifetime to find out, you could have saved yourself. So, get busy. Forget about shoulda coulda woulda.

We live in a world of tides. Is it that laws are secondary.

It has been said history is the process of labeling new ideas as heresy and only later embracing them as truth.

Must we learn failure is as natural as breathing and is an unavoidable part living and a big part of education.

Learning how to show and give appreciation is a major part of the path to friendship and happiness. Some other paths are writing a poem, singing a song, checking out sunsets, etc.

Mental rehearsal aids selling, sports, public speaking, and almost anything.

Should we be patient with our imperfections because they make us who we are?

What main idea or gospel was used by the smartest folks during the middle ages and continues on today? The greater your skills, the freer you become and the more choices you have.

“Freedom is having nothing left to lose.” “Your freedom stops where my nose begins.” Is freedom always relative? We cannot do everything we might want to do.

Is a closed mind like a stagnant pond and self-limiting which is OK if it’s by choice and not created by fear or indoctrination?

Is it that impromptu vacations tend to be more enjoyable because not as much fun is expected?

There’s nothing like a game plan when we are serious.

Fear is a mental creation. It’s not naturally found lurking around unless one has been programmed to fear. It is said if one can control fear, one is not predictable.

The most famous bank robber of all time, Willie Sutton, died Nov. 2, 1980 at the age of 79. He was called “the Actor” because of his ingenious disguises. He robbed banks for 35 years and broke out of three prisons before completing his final incarceration in 1969, and once said “I was more alive when I was inside a bank, robbing it, than at any other time of my life.”

It has been said it’s the little things which cause us to lose. (So, pay attention.)

Difficult times are part of life. Shrug off the difficult moments and do what needs to be done, and you’ll feel better.

Sometimes, something we have to have is extremely hard to get. So, should we figure out a way we can live without it, and when that happens, it may unexpectedly fall into our lap. And later we may wonder what we saw in it in the first place.

There is a difference between the adrenaline of gambling and the anticipation and uncertainty of a calculated risk.
One is addictive and the other is educational.

Insecurity manufactures pressure.

Wait and see or act and watch.

Have you got the Big Question covered? The Big Question is what happens to a person when he or she dies? Are heaven and hell inventions, or are they actual places already in existence?

When did you first wonder who “they” are?

“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it’s the only one we have.” — anon

Indulgence in having to be right is self-limiting. Opinions are opinions. Parts “is” parts.

Is it that the whole truth cannot be told; it has to be experienced.

“If it’s doubtful it’s dirty.” A comment from mothers and wives around the world concerning the state of shirt collars.

You are not expected to linger in games where you don’t get a fair shake. If you do you are the patsy. They say if you can’t spot the patsy, you’re it.

“You can’t cheat an honest man.” Don’t we wish that were true?

There are no free lunches; someone had to pay for it.

Is it rarely we do something for nothing?

Racial prejudice shows the bigot feels inferior.

When a person gives the impression he or she can do no wrong, they are probably lying about other things too.

“When you think about it, the present is terrifying because it is irrevocable.” — Late night TV

“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” — anon

Transition is the way of life; stagnation is the way of death.

High quality listening is key to being heard.

We can either make our time or wait for it to come.

Everything is quintessentially what it is.

One cannot guarantee the unknown.

Waiting to be discovered can lead to obscurity.

Learn by understanding as you go.

Circles move in two directions: good and bad.

If one has to be happy all the time, it’s unrealistic and sad.

“A lovely lady is like a fine wine, age makes it all the better.” — a Disney movie

When you’ve already been rewarded, everything else is gravy.

“Originality is the art of concealing your source.”
— Franklin P. Jones

What is Procrastination?
• A way to tempt others to step in and help.
• A way to get control of others by delaying
what they want you to do.
• A fear of the responsibilities of being
A fear of failure by thinking
one has to be perfect. — Bottom Line

Let bygones be bygones.

Barzini’s Law
Nations, organizations, or individuals are never as powerful, intelligent, far-seeing, efficient, and dangerous as they seem to their enemies.

Locks keep out only honest thieves. — anon

“Different” doesn’t mean bad or good.

Exaggeration can discredit a person. It’s OK to do it, but know what you are doing.

The unknown and the unknowable: what would we do without them?

A hill is not a drudgery
if we can choose the pace to climb it.

Meditation is a special form of relaxation.

Seeing is believing and that’s about all it is because our vision can be fooled as we should know.

Famous last words: Don’t worry, he’ll grow out of that.”

We choose when we let something happen.
— Violets Are Blue

Self-publishing a book is like having a baby, but you buy stamps instead of cigars.

Control is in the mind of the beholder.

Argument is a game and rarely has anything to do with truth.

A commitment to something that can make a difference is hard work.

Greed sets one up to be swindled.

Develop in analog and run in digital.

It has been said that most people are so occupied with themselves, they are not concerned with you.

Is it best to know the definitions but to live by our own?

If you can follow instructions, can you do just about anything?

“Speech sows, silence reaps.” — Persian proverb

Make peace with an adversary.

Befriend someone.


fantasy future


Religion and the hope for an existence after death led to the creation of various systems of magical religious thinking.

I no longer believe in these types of magical scenarios. Magic of any sort cannot defeat the laws of nature.

Logic and reason tell me it’s a fantasy for an omniscient and omnipotent supreme being to exist with its purpose being to punish or reward human beings forever and ever and ever without end.

Doesn’t this construct of a supreme being give one a sense this fantasy future of horrendous punishment and heavenly bliss was created by humans wanting to use others and their money? It was a conspiracy, and today it has evolved into a sincere and mostly positive cultural activity.

If there were a just and all-knowing god, wouldn’t it punish or reward justly but not forever?

Our present knowledge of evolution, which is based on the continuing development of science, does away with the idea of needing a God for us to exist.

There will always be believers, and we all have a right to believe as we please whether it’s logical or not.

four big questions

What am I?
From where did I appear?
Why do I exist?
How long will I exist?

When one pays attention to religious leaders, one lives in a dream filled with hope, fear, and faith which has a narrow path with rules and is supported only by the belief in the existence of an all-powerful god or many gods.

Here’s my attempt to answer the four big questions:

1) What am I? I’m an automatic electrical pattern in my animal’s brain. I’m what is called an identity or ego. My main function is being my animal’s choosing mechanism. I’m not a physical entity. The soul is a human invention on which an afterlife depends.

2) From where did I appear? My animal’s brain gave birth to me (a social necessity) during the first few years of my animal’s life.

3) Why do I exist? My father fertilized my mother’s egg.

4) How long will I exist? Based on logic and science, I will exist only until I have no physical support from my being (my human animal) which is my everything and the one supplying my ride and talents.

A bonus question: What about religion?

It’s my opinion to get somewhere spiritually, one must cast oneself out of the house of belief into the infinite world of not knowing for sure. No formal religion is needed. For those who seek, fulfillment is inside themselves, not churches.

Agnostics are probably on the right path. It’s the path where one graduates to the understanding “I cannot know for sure about the existence of a god or gods and it’s OK.”

I know meditation and recommend it. It’s the only way I can stop my mental chatter and enter the shrine of silence. Meditation is my link to reality which includes my pure and innocent animal being.


How is history brought about? Our best account of the past is not one person’s idea of what happened but comes from many records and stories which are processed together. Historians do this work hoping to make a single record which reflects what actually happened, and sometimes they can’t resist putting a bias twist to it. It’s a common saying “The winners of war write the history books.”

Only truth actually happens no mater what the records and stories are. Records and stories are truth technically even if they are false because it’s true they exist. It’s the truth falsehoods are told and written.

As you can see, truth has another meaning other than 
its common every-day meaning.
Truth is reality.

the two parts

Is it that religion has become a ritual? If so, what should it be? True religion is not actions one can do. It is an inner consciousness, an inner awakening, say the sages.

We now exist in two parts. One is the ego which is our identity and is not a physical thing, and the second is our physical being, the human animal. Nonstop language use keeps the identity in place. Understanding this is the first step to an inner awakening.

The next step is to find a way to break the language spell.

To do this, the sages recommend one should develop a meditation practice. This is done by sitting relaxed in a quiet place and with eyes closed paying attention only to your breath or by repeating a mantra. (A mantra like Auummm for example.)

Morality are the rules we use for interacting with others and ourselves. Religion is the highest way to interact with ourselves. Authentic religion, say the sages, is concerned with what we are and not what we do.

Religion unites us with our source. Our source is nature. Nature is our root which we have forgotten. Religion brings us back to the source and makes us whole.

We don’t have to go about changing things. Of course changing things to obtain better health is always a good thing to do and has little to do with one’s religious urge. The fear of an eternity of suffering or bliss is not a religious urge. A religious urge may give us a sense of spiritual ripeness.

We are talking about ideas now which give us knowledge; however, we can go one step more to understanding. Understanding is how we prepare to use knowledge.

Understanding reveals religion as not something social. Religion is not concerned with others. Religion is personal. A seeker needs the capacity to be alone.

The fulfillment for which we search is already inside of us. Nothing needs to be added. Religion is not concerned with scriptures or words which includes these words.

Silence is the path.
Our nature is to be whole and we are not experiencing it.

So say the sages. I am only a paraphraser.

a mantra from the sages

Do not
search for the truth.
Only cease to have opinions.

Why? Truth is already the case.
It’s everywhere,
and how
can’t be
any other way.

How can the truth be everywhere?
Consider this:
It‘s the truth lies have been told, etc. etc.

Truth is what is happening.

We go around all day automatically judging.
We don’t choose to do it because it has become automatic
and is one of the mind’s ways of
staying in control.

Can we let things be?
Can we stop judging?
Does this mean we shouldn’t try to change
unfortunate situations? I don’t think so.

It does mean truth will
continue on its unstoppable
course no matter what we do.

The sages say accepting the previous sentence and having a
meditation practice will put us on a new and better path.

Should we start attempting to notice our constant judging and language use? Is there a HOW to do this?
Here’s a suggestion I’ve come across, and I’m sorry to say I’ve forgotten where I encountered it:

All of a sudden stop doing what you are doing and notice the space and sounds where you are without judging or thinking anything and wait for and notice your first thought. Feel the space and notice sounds, and notice the coming in and going out of breath while waiting for that first thought.

Remembering to do this several times a day is a good start, and it can be done almost anywhere and at any time. This exercise can be used as a type of meditation. We may begin to notice our thinking and be able to stop our thoughts for a while with a simple choice.

the ring

There was a great king. The story goes the king gave his wise men the task of making a special ring which, when he looked at it, would make him unhappy when he was happy, and the ring would also, when he looked at it, make him happy when he was unhappy.

This was very unusual so the wise men worked hard because they wanted to please the king and not be thrown out for being worthless servants. They worked day and night and finally presented to the king a ring which had the following inscription on it: This too will pass.

The tao says there are three responses to truth.

The lowest response is laughter when truth is asserted.
The second type is intellectual and the mind makes philosophy out of it.
The third type opens the mind and one steps through a mental door with a deep understanding and the body throbs with an unknown adventure and enters a new world.